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Instantly Cut Medical Answering Service Cost by 25%

5 Steps to Immediate Savings

Having a medical answering service not only reduces overhead and labor costs but it also helps your doctors office in a variety of ways. If you’re like most practices it can be the major reason your business is seeing more customers and patients without pulling your staff away from your patients. People like to be able to speak to a human, regardless of the day or time they call, and while having an answering service working on your behalf is great, you may want to further increase your savings.

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Here are five instant ways you can cut your Doctors Answering Service bill by 25% or more:

1.) Change Virtual Receptionist Plan. The great thing about answering services is that, if you feel as though you don’t get too many calls, you can adjust your plan to fit your budget. For example, some healthcare answering service providers charge per month and include a certain number of minutes. If you had a plan that included 1,000 minutes, but determine that you only use half or three-fourths of that in the average month, you could generally request the next lowest plan, which may perhaps only commit you to 750 minutes plus overages. This is particularly smart if you have a small, but growing medical practice.

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2.) Switch Answering Service Companies. There are plenty of virtual receptionist services out there that would offer to beat their competitor’s prices. If you’re looking to save money, seek out a medical answering service that has a price match guarantee. Come up with a list of reputable companies and, even if they don’t explicitly offer to beat the price of their competitors, you can contact them and ask personally. You’ll find that, once you talk to directly with their staff, people are willing to work with you. Instead of looking to find the best price, look for a price that YOU want. If your goal is to pay 25% less, research answering services that cost 25% less and make the switch.

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3.) Cut hours. Most medical answering services will work on your behalf 24/7. However, if you feel as if that’s unnecessary, you can opt to have an answering service only after business hours, thus removing the other 2/3 or the day.


Many doctors have adequate staff to answer most calls during normal business operating hours and this is often a quick way to reduce costs. Additionally you can consider using the phone companies “busy no answer” feature, which essentially means that if you don’t answer an in-coming call within a preset number of rings it will then forward to your medical answer service company. This allows you to have the first opportunity to answer the call, while having back up plan already in place when you can’t.

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4.) Restrict the Abilities. Some businesses will allow the medical answering service to answer a variety of questions pertaining to your business, and some of those questions will require longer conversations than others. If you offer services that you would rather your nurse or staff speak to the potential or current patient about, you can limit what the answering service is allowed to answer, leaving them only the ability to respond to simple, basic phone calls, such as name, number, and what the call is regarding.

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5.) Comparison Shopping. It’s no secret that the best way to get a great after hours answering service for the best price is take advantage of free trials to see which call centers can meet your needs and then compare their prices. This is a free, no obligation opportunity for your doctors office to make good educated decisions before moving into any long term agreements. That’s where we come in. Take 30-seconds to tell us about your medical office receptionist needs and at no cost we will match you up with up to 5 quality suppliers that perfectly match your requirements. Then try them out, compare their prices, and decide.

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