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Doctors can trust experienced, after hours Doctors Answering Service from the nations leading providers of 24-hour patient support. From midnight to morning delivering consistent phone message accuracy and rapid dispatching via call transfer, text messages, email, and more. Let us help by connecting you with an affordable call center to manage your communication needs.

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When the doctor’s office closes and emergency calls arrive those medical messages must be taken with complete accuracy and the delivery of each message unequivocally must be in live time with zero delays. Today’s technology offers highly sophisticated menu-driven systems that virtually eliminate all human error by allowing operators to answer medical calls from doctors and patients and to be fully guided as to what questions to ask and what answers to give based entirely on the instructions of each medical provider. Inbound agents calls are recorded and saved in a .wav file along with a date, time, and Caller I.D stamp as a backup solution to a near-flawless messaging system.

On-Call After Hours Answering Services for Doctors

Call centers today are able to save permanent audio recordings of every medical call to the doctor or nurse and those calls can be instantly emailed to your medical staff or can access any time by a secure HIPAA compliant web-based application. This is especially valuable when, in the rare event, an agent takes (or is given) inaccurate information and it becomes necessary to hear an actual recording of the call. This is also a great tool for monitoring the quality of the virtual receptionist service which your medical office is paying to the After Hours Medical Answering Service company.

Caller I.D. Assigned to all Messages:

24/7 HIPAA Compliant Answering ServiceAlarming but true, it is not uncommon for callers to leave an incorrect telephone number. Studies have shown that while a caller may need a return call to their cellular telephone they will occasionally subconsciously leave a work telephone number or home number, but with caller ID assigned to every inbound message, you’ll have an alternative means of contacting your patient or doctor in the event of a medical emergency or critical situation.

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Medical Phone Messages Delivered With Complete Accuracy Around the Clock

Long gone are the days where doctors receive messages that should have gone to a staff member or don’t receive messages that we’re important and the protocol called for them to receive it. Today’s virtual answering service providers use software containing advanced menu driven systems to direct every step of the call allowing for a totally customized message solution from every type of caller with every type of need. This system provides a smooth path for capturing information and delivering messages to the right person, at the right time, every time.

Answering Phone Calls For Doctors 24/7/365  – So You Never Miss an Important Call

You should expect a lot from your After Hours Medical Answering Service provider and that includes little to no downtime. Even 5 minutes without service can be life-threatening to a patient and for this reason, a doctor can ill afford to partner with a call center that does not have a solid backup plan. In most cases, companies that offer 24/7 Medical Call Center Services will have a strong backup plan and usually will not be severely impacted by inclement weather, power outages, or damaged phone lines. Back-up gas-powered generators are often standard equipment and they can run for several weeks if necessary. Additionally, most top suppliers have anywhere from 2 to 20 locations scattered across the US to guarantee services at all times.

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In most cases, you would contact several doctors’ remote receptionist services which can be extremely time-consuming and there is no incentive to offer you a discount from their standard pricing. We work with a network of affiliates and professional call centers that specialize in after hours answering services and when you work through us we’ll match your needs up with a supplier that can service you well and that will do it at a very competitive rate. At no cost or obligation to you, each call center will come directly to you giving you full control over the sales process as they fight for your business and offer you the type of discounts only available through systems like this. All you need to do is review the services, compare prices, and decide.

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After Hours Medical Answering Service