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Dental Answering Service | As Low As $39/Month

Rapid Response Phone Answering And Message Service 

A 24 Hour affordable Dental Answering Service offers an endless supply of benefits to orthodontists and periodontists. The world of dental practice requires an answering service that offers flexible message delivery options, takes calls after hours, schedules appointments and understands the industries terminology.

Our team and our partners understand the dental industry and the importance of delicately handling incoming calls from patients seeking medical advice, referrals, or that may need to schedule an appointment with your office. We can you get the best price on professional remote receptionists who are compassionate to your callers needs and will answer your medical related telephone calls with perfect accuracy and who will timely deliver your messages by email, fax, text message or online access.

  • Calls Answered 24×7
  • Schedule Appointments With Patients
  • Real Time Message Delivery
  • Plans by Flat Rate, # of Minutes, or # of Calls
  • No Long Term Contracts

Operating a modern and up-to-date dental practice you may want to offer your clients the best customer service that you can. This sometimes means going beyond normal operating hours but can also lead to attracting new patients and keeping current ones. One way of offering extra services to your valuable patients is to have a 24 hour dental answering service available.

Dentist Office

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Your answering service is able to schedule appointments and to help any people with emergencies to get their message promptly delivered to the dentist. People don’t get comfort leaving messages on an answering machine as it does not deliver confidence that their message will soon be heard but talking to a real person when they call brings relief that the dentist on call will be notified and able to respond if necessary.

24/7 Answering Service Support For:

  • Dentists
  • Pediatrics
  • Periodontists
  • Orthodontists
  • Endodontist
  • Oral and Maxillofacial
  • Prothodontists
Outsourced Answering Service

Sometimes all people want to hear is a caring person at the end of the line who will listen to their concern and offer them assurance that a solution to their problem is moving forward. Many new patients who call dental surgeons and other professional offices will hang up as soon as they realize they have connected to an answering machine. By having 24/7 answering service you will not miss any prospective new clients or bookings as all of the people who call will talk to someone regardless of the day or time.

24 Hour Answering Service For Dentists

Employing a receptionist after hours such as over weekends and on public holidays is not a profitable or practical option. By having live dental answering services to support your business is an answer to this problem. Outsourced customer service can answer basic questions the person may have about upcoming visits, costs of procedures or general questions. It is not uncommon for a person to have chipped a tooth, lost a filling or even broken a tooth over the weekend or after hours and by having professional call center services you are giving these people someone to address their situation.

Having an outsourced remote receptionist service allows all of the people who are not sure of the practices operating hours to get that information. Every call that you miss is less money that you are taking for the week and the more profitable your surgery is the better it is for you and your clients as you can provide them with the best dental services available to them. Word will soon get around about the extra services you are offering. When you’re ready let us help you get the best price on your Dental Answering Service needs.

By providing this excellent service to patients you are providing them with a quality 24×7 customer service solution. Have your calls answered 24×7 by a trained Remote Receptionist Service and you’ll discover for yourself all the wonderful benefits that come with it.

Revolutionizing Dentistry: The Vital Role of Answering Services

The dental industry, like any other medical profession, requires seamless communication to provide top-notch patient care. Dentists and their teams are perpetually busy, maintaining a balance between patient consultations, administrative tasks, and continuous learning. Therefore, an efficient communication tool can be a real game-changer. In this realm, answering services for dentists have emerged as a powerful tool that boosts both customer service and practice efficiency.

Importance of Answering Services

Customer service is paramount in any industry, and it’s no different in dentistry. Whether it’s to book an appointment, make an inquiry, or seek emergency care, patients need to know that they can reach out at any time. However, due to the demanding nature of their work, dentists and their teams may not always be available to answer every call, leading to potential missed opportunities and patient dissatisfaction.

An answering service for dentists is an effective solution to this problem. It ensures that no call goes unanswered, regardless of the time of day or night. Here’s how:

24/7 Coverage

One of the main benefits of an answering service is its 24/7 availability. Dental emergencies can occur at any time, and having someone available to take calls after hours provides reassurance to patients and potential new clients. Besides, patients can schedule, cancel, or reschedule appointments at their convenience, thereby increasing overall satisfaction and loyalty.


An answering service provides a professional front for your dental practice. Trained operators handle every call with courtesy, empathy, and efficiency, ensuring that your patients feel heard and valued. They are trained to handle various situations, from dealing with anxious patients to providing necessary information to new clients.

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Reduced Administrative Load

Handling incoming calls, scheduling appointments, and managing cancellations can be a significant drain on your staff’s time and resources. By outsourcing these tasks to an answering service, your team can focus on what they do best—providing excellent dental care.

Data Management

Modern answering services go beyond simply picking up calls. They also offer advanced features such as maintaining patient databases, forwarding important messages, and integrating with your existing practice management software. This feature can significantly streamline your operations, making your practice more efficient.

Emergencies and Triage

Answering services can help in identifying and prioritizing dental emergencies. The service’s operators are trained to ask the right questions and determine the urgency of the situation. In cases of severe emergencies, they can facilitate immediate contact between the patient and the dentist, ensuring prompt attention and care.

Choosing the Right Dentist Answering Service

Choosing the right answering service for your dental practice is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You must consider factors such as the company’s reputation, their experience in the dental industry, the training of their staff, and their technological capabilities. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that they are HIPAA compliant to protect patient privacy and data security.

Answering services for dentists provide a vital link between the dentist and the patient, ensuring seamless communication and improved patient care. They can significantly enhance your practice’s customer service, operational efficiency, and even your bottom line. Thus, integrating an answering service into your dental practice could be one of the best investments you can make for your business and your patients.

Advantages of a Dentist Answering Service:

  1. 24/7 Availability: Patients can make appointments, ask questions, or get assistance any time of the day or night.
  2. Professional Representation: Trained representatives can answer questions with accuracy, providing a consistent and professional image for the dental practice.
  3. Efficient Appointment Management: Streamlines the process of scheduling, confirming, rescheduling, or canceling appointments, reducing administrative burden.
  4. Cost Savings: Reduces the need for full-time receptionists or additional staff, especially during off-hours.
  5. Fewer Missed Appointments: With automated reminders and live assistance, no-show rates can decrease.
  6. Enhanced Patient Experience: Patients appreciate quick responses and having a point of contact, increasing overall satisfaction.
  7. HIPAA Compliance: Many services are compliant with privacy standards, ensuring patient data remains confidential.
  8. Emergency Handling: Can triage emergency situations, providing guidance or immediately connecting patients with the dentist if needed.
  9. Multilingual Support: Some services offer support in multiple languages, accommodating a diverse patient base.

Disadvantages of a Dentist Answering Service:

  1. Lack of Personal Touch: Automated or outsourced services might lack the personal touch that a familiar receptionist can provide.
  2. Potential Miscommunication: There’s always a risk of information getting lost or misinterpreted when using a third-party service.
  3. Integration Issues: Not all answering services might integrate seamlessly with existing practice management software, leading to potential administrative hiccups.
  4. Cost Implications: Even though it can be more affordable than a full-time staff member, there’s still a cost associated with the service, which might be a concern for smaller practices.
  5. Reliability Concerns: If the service experiences technical difficulties, it might result in missed calls or appointments.
  6. Quality Variability: The quality of service might vary between providers; some might not offer the desired level of professionalism or expertise.
  7. Data Security Concerns: If not HIPAA-compliant, there could be concerns about the confidentiality and security of patient information.

Selecting the right answering service for a dental practice requires weighing these advantages against the potential disadvantages and aligning the choice with the specific needs and preferences of the practice and its patients.

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