Best Medical Answering Service List

Best Medical Answering Services of 2022

When your medical practice needs a top-rated answering service, these are the top 10 list of best doctor answering service companies.

In any business, the smallest details can be the ones that make the largest differences for customers. That includes the patients at your medical practices.

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In this medical answering service review, we looked for the most reliable companies, with the latest features to support your healthcare practice. With healthcare, in particular, patients need to trust you. Building that trust starts with being accessible, and that’s where a dedicated doctor answering service comes in.

These services specialize in answering phones for medical offices. They know how to handle emergencies and how to give your patients the empathetic responses you would offer yourself.

If you want the answering service for your practice, look no further than these top ten titans.

MAP Communications

MAP Communications Logo

If you’re looking for someone who can handle any size of business’s calls, look no further than MAP. They offer a range of specialties that serve everything from small practices to Fortune 500 companies.

Within the medical field, MAP also has dedicated employees experienced in various types of practices. From dental clinics to mental health facilities, they do it all.

MAP guarantees that you will have access to all of your options. Their extensive list of specialties allows them to provide the best services for their clients’ unique needs, while still having a large company’s stability and support system behind them.

The client is guaranteed that they are getting everything out of MAP since each team specializes in certain areas depending on what service or product it is offering its customers.

As another bonus, MAP offers a range of other services to choose from. If you start with an answering service but want to add live messaging for your site, you can. They can grow with you. READ FULL REVIEW

5 Star Doctor Answering Service

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Sound Telecom

Sound Telecom Logo

Like MAP Communications, Sound Telecom also has various segments of its business to handle different calls. A medical answering service is one of their most popular specialties.

Sound Telecom separates itself from the competition by emphasizing HIPAA compliance. Their experienced team is well-versed in all of their clients’ privacy needs and will make sure confidentiality stays intact throughout each call. They ensure that your calls are kept private, which reflects positively on you as a business owner or manager

However, the aspect of Sound Telecom that lets them stand above the rest is their multilingual team. They have employees who speak a long list of languages. This gives all your patients the smooth and comfortable communication they deserve. READ FULL REVIEW

5 Star Doctor Answering Service

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Moneypenny Logo

When you look at Moneypenny’s answering service, one word comes to mind: convenience. Their top focus is making life as easy as possible for their customers by not only providing a wide variety of services but also streamlining the customer experience with tools like an online portal and mobile app that allow them access to all aspects of managing your account from any device.

Moneypenny has an advanced and user-friendly app for your enjoyment. In one simple place, you can manage your services, see details of your phone activity, and more.

Because Moneypenny is a large company, they also have the resources to make that app a priority. Their in-house development team maintains the app regularly. For you, this means you have reliable technical support along with an ever-growing list of new features.

Moneypenny has several plans based on your typical call volume. However, they also have experience helping and scaling with companies of all sizes. For this reason, they offer personalized quotes based on your business and the services you need. READ FULL REVIEW

5 Star Doctor Answering Service

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VoiceNation Logo

We’ve all felt the frustration of trying to handle a customer service issue while struggling to understand the person on the other end of the phone because of a thick accent. That is one problem VoiceNation promises to avoid.

True to their name, VoiceNation is specifically focused on the US. Everyone who answers the phone is US-based, ensuring that they can more easily communicate with US-based patients.

That doesn’t mean the service is limited to English, though. VoiceNation also takes pride in having bilingual team members who speak English and Spanish. With around 41 million Spanish-speaking people in the US, that’s a powerful asset. READ FULL REVIEW

5 Star Doctor Answering Service

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AnswerConnect logo

AnswerConnect is the perfect place to find a receptionist with your company’s unique needs in mind. Your team will have access to an extensive network of experts, so you’ll be able to tap into people that not only fit your requirements but also offer unparalleled work ethic and communication skills.

AnswerConnect knows that staffing enough in-house receptionists to ensure 24/7 coverage can be difficult, especially for smaller businesses. Their business phone answering service gives you live, reliable receptionists around the clock so your small company never misses a call.

Forget about leaving a voicemail when your customers don’t want to talk. Instead, they’ll try another company on the search results page and never come back. While providing 24/7 customer service is nice, it’s not going to do anything for you if nobody answers their phone when potential clients call in.

This is definitely one of the best call centers identified in our review this year. We highly recommend you consider them as a call center partner.

5 Star Doctor Answering Service

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Stat Medical Answering Services

Stat Medical Answering Services Logo

As many advantages as there are in working with a large company, there are downsides as well. Sometimes you simply prefer person-to-person communication and the easy process of dealing with a small company.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, look no further than Stat Medical Answering Services.

Stat is based in Portsmouth, Virginia, and they’re known for being dependable and easy to work with.

On top of the advantage of being a small, independent company, Stat Medical Answering Services is as specialized as it gets for the healthcare industry. They exclusively work with medical practices, so their team members are well-versed in how to provide your patients with everything they need.

5 Star Doctor Answering Service

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Call 4 Health

Call 4 Health Logo

Like Stat, Call 4 Health works exclusively with the healthcare industry. They’re well-versed in the ins and outs of HIPAA and in providing patients with compassionate and accurate answers they need.

However, Call 4 Health is more of a mid-sized answering service compared to the small size of Stat.

Even with a relatively small size, Call 4 Health has earned a reputation for being exceptional at what they do. In fact, they recently won an ATSI Call Center Award of Distinction. The award was based on the overall service and professionalism they gave to every caller as well as statistics like response time and call accuracy.

Call 4 Health also goes beyond the standard phone answering service. They can provide a range of remote options you may want to add to your business, like telemedicine and nurse triage services.

5 Star Doctor Answering Service

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On Call Central

On Call Central Logo

Most of the answering services on this list focus on person-to-person interactions. Of course, that comes at a price. If you want a more economical choice, On Call Central could be the perfect fit.

On Call Central uses uniquely designed software for automated call answering. It ensures that you never have a time when there is no one available to answer your phones and that each person gets the same smooth experience.

Over time, the team and their consulting physicians have evolved the software to make it more and more adept at serving your patients. Today it works for an extensive list of medical specialties.

Along with prompt answering and reliable service, On Call Central offers a unique documentation service. Every call is recorded and stored indefinitely, allowing you to have all the information you need whenever you want it.

Along the way, you get a dedicated, US-based support team to answer your every need.

5 Star Doctor Answering Service

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Unique Dental Scheduling

Unique Dental Scheduling Logo

Each answering service on this list has a different level of specialization. Some answer calls for every industry in the book. Others focus on the healthcare industry.

Yet no one, and we repeat no one, is as specialized as Unique Dental Scheduling.

As you can guess from its name, this company exclusively works with dental practices. This gives them a rare insight into the inner workings of a dental office and all the information your patients need.

For a seamless process, Unique Dental Scheduling will even use your own software to schedule your patients. We can all get behind the idea of fewer glitches and information getting lost in cyberspace between two programs.

5 Star Doctor Answering Service

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Hello Sells

Hello Sells Logo

As with Unique Dental Scheduling, Hello Sells isn’t just another run-of-the-mill answering service. They focus on converting leads into sales.

In other words, if you have ambitious goals for growing your business, Hello Sells could be the perfect fit for you.

Before you get ahead of yourself, don’t worry about Hello Sells pushing your patients or making them feel like commodities. The team is still experienced in the compassionate way to approach medical patients compared to customers in other industries.

Their specialty is striking the perfect balance: caring enough to make patients comfortable but business-minded enough to keep your revenue flowing.

5 Star Doctor Answering Service

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Posh is a solution company that focuses on helping companies get away from the phones and back to business. They offer smart solutions for an age-old problem with over 20 years of experience in the call answering services industry.

Posh is a 100% employee-owned answering service business that works day and night to please customers with 24-hour call handling. As an owner, every Posh employee has a vested financial interest in the success of your company so we’ll always work harder than anyone else.

To better assist customers, POSH developed its own software and app that is highly sophisticated. This software enables them to offer high-end, yet affordable live receptionist services without sacrificing quality for affordability.


5 Star Doctor Answering Service

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Choosing the Best Doctor Answering Service for Your Practice

In many cases, doctors are reluctant to group themselves in with other businesses. Certainly, medical care is much different than the way most businesses approach their customers.

Fortunately, you have plenty of options when it comes to answering services who can step into your shoes. As you can see from the doctor answering service options above, each one has its own brand and its own specialty.

The key is learning enough to choose the best one for your business and the type of service you want to offer your patients.

To take the next steps, get medical answering service quotes for your practice.

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Top 4 Features a Quality Medical Answering Service Needs

Medical answering service providers are companies that provide live, 24/7 access to a registered nurse or physician. These services can be both local and national in scope, and are designed for those who need medical assistance at any time of the day or night. The following is a list of ten important features every medical answering service provider should have:

1) 24 Hour Live Answering Service

Almost every medical answering service provides 24 hours live, round-the-clock support. They are available at all hours for those who need them most – typically during emergencies or when it is difficult to get in contact with a doctor due to some other reason (ex: hectic work schedule).

2) Voice Mail Services | Leave Message or Press 1 To Speak With Operator

A medical answering service will typically have a voice mail or an automated attendant that can take messages and relay them to the appropriate person. This is convenient as it means one doesn’t need to always be available on call, but still has access if they are needed for some reason.

3) Bilingual Receptionist to Support English And Spanish Callers at Your Medical Practice

Some medical answering services have bilingual receptionists to support English and Spanish callers at your Medical practice. This is important because it’s not uncommon for people in different languages (especially those with limited or no ability) to need the assistance of an interpreter, but also so that they feel more comfortable on a phone by someone who speaks their native language.

4) Secure HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service to Protect Patient Information

Answering services that are HIPAA compliant can help keep your patients’ personal information safe. This is important because you don’t want to put their private data at risk of being exposed, and then having it potentially end up in the wrong hands – which could lead them to get a phone call from someone they know asking about what’s going on with their health.

Best Doctor Answering Service Review