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With 24×7 Doctors Answering Service it couldn’t be easier for medical offices to compare the cost of an answering service for your medical office. Services Provided:

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  • HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service
  • 24/7 Live Operator Support
  • Call Dispatch For Medical Emergencies
  • Overflow Calls
  • Secure Answering Service Technology
  • Virtual Receptionists

HIPAA Compliant & Fully Secure Medical Answering Service

Discover how medical call centers help with medical emergencies while protecting medical information with secure answering service technology. With so many demands on a doctor’s time, it can be hard to find the right balance. That is why we offer medical answering service solutions for healthcare providers who want their patients’ needs met while protecting patient privacy and providing a great patient experience.

HIPAA Compliance

There are several benefits of utilizing a solution like ours:  You’ll always know where things stand with patient information because our staff will be able to monitor retrieval rates; if something gets lost or misplaced between visits then there aren’t any worries about data being compromised since all sensitive material are stored on a safe and secure HIPAA compliant server.

How Does a Doctor Answering Service Work?

When a patient calls a doctor’s office after hours or during busy times, the call is automatically routed to the answering service. The service’s trained operators will answer the call using the medical offices name and follow a set script to determine the nature of the patient’s call. They will ask for the patient’s name, phone number, and reason for calling. This information is then relayed to the physician or medical staff for follow-up.

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If the call is urgent, the answering service will follow specific protocols established by the medical practice to ensure that the patient receives timely and appropriate care. Depending on the nature of the call, the answering service may advise the patient to go to the emergency room, contact the physician on call, or schedule an appointment during regular business hours.

Popular Types of Doctors We Support and the Benefits

A doctor’s answering service can be incredibly beneficial for a variety of medical professionals ranging from solo practitioners to large group practices. Here are some types of doctors that can benefit from using a doctor answering service:


A physicians answering service acts as a vital communication conduit between doctors and their patients. Available 24/7, it ensures uninterrupted access, facilitating timely appointment scheduling, emergency responses, and addressing patient inquiries. Efficiently managing call volumes prevents missed opportunities, enhancing patient satisfaction. With the added capability of multilingual support and provision of essential medical information, it further broadens the reach of a practice. The service enables physicians to maintain a professional presence even outside regular hours, allowing them to concentrate on patient care without being burdened by administrative calls, ultimately fostering trust and improving the overall patient experience.


A Chiropractor answering service provides an indispensable bridge between practitioners and their patients. Operating 24/7, it ensures that no call goes unanswered, whether it’s a regular appointment booking, a new client inquiry, or an urgent concern. Efficiently handling call volumes means fewer missed opportunities and better patient relationships. Furthermore, the service can be tailored to offer specialized information about chiropractic care, handle multilingual calls, and manage overflow during busy times. By entrusting their communication needs to a dedicated service, chiropractors can maintain a professional image and remain focused on delivering optimal care, knowing that their patients are always heard and valued.

Live Call Answering For Doctors


A Pediatrician answering service is an invaluable tool for ensuring continuous, effective communication between pediatricians and concerned parents or guardians. Operating 24/7, this service guarantees that crucial calls—whether for appointment scheduling, urgent medical inquiries, or prescription clarifications—never go unanswered. The specialized training of operators ensures sensitivity to child-related issues, offering guidance and reassurance when needed. This seamless communication not only boosts patient satisfaction and trust but also alleviates the administrative burden on pediatric offices. By streamlining communications, pediatricians can focus more on providing the best care to their young patients, enhancing the overall health service experience.


A Dentist answering service is a pivotal asset for dental practices, ensuring that patients receive timely and efficient communication. Available 24/7, this service captures calls ranging from appointment bookings to emergency dental situations, ensuring no patient is left unattended. Trained operators can provide immediate guidance, alleviating anxieties especially in urgent cases. The service effectively reduces the administrative load on dental offices, allowing professionals to prioritize patient care. By streamlining communication processes, it enhances patient satisfaction, fosters trust, and solidifies a practice’s reputation for commitment and accessibility in catering to dental health needs.

Medical Facilities:

24 Hour Call Answering

A Medical answering service is essential for any medical facility, ensuring uninterrupted, 24/7 communication with patients. It adeptly manages diverse calls, from appointment scheduling to emergency situations, ensuring every patient concern is addressed. Trained operators provide accurate information, offering immediate guidance and reassurance, thereby elevating patient experience. This service reduces administrative burdens, allowing medical professionals to focus primarily on patient care. By bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers, it fosters trust, bolsters satisfaction, and solidifies a facility’s reputation for responsiveness and dedication to its patient community.

It makes sense for doctors to want to streamline all aspects of their work, especially considering the high volume of patients. One such way doctors can streamline their work is through a quality medical answering service.

Answering Service Solutions

In the healthcare industry, every phone call is important to doctors. Doctors can give prescriptions, diagnoses, proper patient care, and schedule appointments through the phone.

So it’s important that doctors get their communication right. Live phone answering services are a great way to provide uninterrupted reliable care while saving both time and resources.

Physicians rely on their answering service to streamline communication and maintain patients’ privacy. We help you do it for less.

Appointments Scheduling Services For Doctors

HIPAA compliance is important for patient communications, and be it a text message, or inbound calls, you can have peace of mind knowing that any urgent message is secured with compliant answering services.

Give your patients the freedom to schedule medical appointments and office visits with doctors answering service that sets appointments. Reminders help reduce your no-shows. A live telephone answering service can answer overflow calls & schedule your appointments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

No setup fees or contracts are required.

calendar - schedule appointments

Reliable Messaging Services  For Healthcare Providers

All of your lines are busy, the office is closed, your nursing staff can’t get to the phone or you have a limited ability to constantly have a local employee sitting at the front desk. Whatever your reason maybe it’s likely that you still require calls for the doctor or nurse to be handled by a live receptionist. Something as easy as activating your call forwarding service allows your callers to instantly appreciate live customer service 24 hours a day.

HIPAA Compliant Secure Phone Message Services
  • A patient or healthcare professional dials your number and is forwarded to a phone answering service provider.
  • Using highly advanced call center software the HIPAA compliant medical answering service can answer that phone call in the name of your healthcare practice. Example “Thanks for Calling Dr. Smiths Office, how may I help you this morning”.
  • The person speaks with the live receptionist just as though they were your own receptionist or nurse. The call center software makes it possible to ask a series of questions that are layered according to the caller’s questions and answers. Upon completing the call the system compares it against the doctor’s protocol for each message and it is then delivered according to the instructions of the hospital or doctors’ input. Unique applications are available for dental practices, chiropractors, surgeons, and other types of medical firms.
  • Messages can be sent to multiple email addresses, text to cell phones, or even accessed anytime by web-based applications that house the caller information in a HIPAA compliant secure portal for extended periods of time.

Ready to learn more? Check out our medical answering service review of top providers near you.

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