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Medical Answering Service

HIPAA Compliant medical answering service for doctors, hospitals, dentists, primary care physicians, and many other healthcare industries.

With 24×7 Doctors Answering Service it couldn’t be easier to compare the cost of an answering service for your medical office.

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HIPAA Compliant & Fully Secure

With so many demands on a doctor’s time, it can be hard to find the right balance. That is why we offer medical answering service solutions for healthcare providers who want their patients’ needs met while still providing them with quality care and service delivery times.

There are several benefits of utilizing a solution like ours:  You’ll always know where things stand with patient information because our staff will be able to monitor retrieval rates; if something gets lost or misplaced between visits then there aren’t any worries about data being compromised since all sensitive material are stored on a safe and secure HIPAA compliant server.

Benefits of Medical Answering Services

1-24×7 Support

Calls for doctors and nurses are answered live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No caller is ever put on hold. Most calls are answered within 3 rings. Never miss a call again.

2-Customized Responses to Match Your Needs

Agents will have fully customized scripts to ensure that we deal with your callers in the same manner you do. No two calls are alike, and no two receptionists are alike. You’ll be able to provide the best possible experience for your patients with our customized approach.

3-Messages Delivered Any Way You Want

SMS Text. Email. Call Transfer. You can even have your message delivered differently according to the day or time of day. There’s really no limit to how your messages can be delivered.

4-Multiple Pricing Options

Pay as you go. Flat-rate monthly plans. Pay by the minute. Pay by the call. Our partners have multiple solutions to fit your unique needs.

5-Highly Secure HIPAA Environment

We take patient privacy very seriously. Get a secure two-way messaging experience without giving up your account. Manage and access all the features with HIPAA compliant cloud-based solutions on any device, anytime!

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Doctors lead busy lives. Physicians rely on their doctor’s phone 24 Hour Phone Answering - Fast Responseanswering service to streamline communication and maintain patients’ privacy.

The extent of a medical practitioner’s workload may be surprising. In fact, there are over 922 million visits to physician offices in America every year.

It makes sense for doctors to want to streamline all aspects of their work, especially considering the high volume of patients. One such way doctors can streamline their work is through a quality medical answering service.

Answering Service Solutions

Every phone call is important to doctors. Doctors can give prescriptions, diagnoses, proper patient care, and schedule appointments through the phone.

So it’s important that doctors get their communication right. Live phone answering services are a great way to provide uninterrupted reliable care while saving both time and resources.

Physicians rely on their answering service to streamline communication and maintain patients’ privacy. We help you do it for less.

How It Works

A doctor answering service is a call center hired to handle medical-related phone calls. The basic duties of the answering service include screening calls to your practice, providing the caller with basic information, relaying messages, and providing around-the-clock support.

How It Works

Answering services for doctors may take their duties a step further by also scheduling appointments, assign with prescriptions, or providing additional support for patients.

It’s important to understand that an answering service is different than a call center. Answering services provide the aforementioned duties while only employing a few people. Call centers handle large ranges of businesses and include hundreds of employees. Discover for yourself how 24×7 Doctors Answering Service can help your practice.

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Appointments Scheduling Services

Give your patients the freedom to schedule medical appointments and office visits with doctors answering service that sets appointments. Reminders help reduce your no-shows. A live telephone answering service can answer overflow calls & schedule your appointments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

No setup fees or contracts are required.

calendar - schedule appointments

Doctor Answering Service Benefits

There are a few key components to look for hiring the best medical answering service for physicians and doctors.

For one, the answering service should provide their services 24/7. This way, patients can receive around-the-clock service should they need it.

Cost vs Value

The physicians answering service can also provide emergency message delivery. The telephone service representative should double as an emergency hotline operator.

  • 24×7 Support
  • English and Spanish Operators
  • Let’s your staff focus on patients
  • Emergency after hours call dispatching

The key is to find a company that will never let a call go to voicemail. They should have dedicated employees with strong interpersonal skills, a command of the English language, and the ability to think on their feet.

The company should also provide external quality checks to make sure their systems never fail.

Other things to look for are Spanish-speaking capabilities, appointment scheduling services, and the ability to handle a prescription reorder.

A good receptionist service provides a range of offerings. They should remove the stress of phone calls instead of adding to it. The call center will have unique solutions for all medical fields, such as a dental answering service.

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There’s no denying the perks from hiring a 24-hour answering service for physicians.

Unfortunately, doctors are too busy to pick up every phone call. In fact, nearly one-quarter of American physicians work between 61-80 per week.

Many doctors choose an answering service because it allows them to get constant access to patients. Accessibility is key. It helps with doctor-patient relationships and communication.

Using a live answering service frees up staff to handle medical support instead of administrative tasks. It also can save money in the long-run over a new clerical hire.

Live answering services also help to provide good patient service. Telephone service representatives handle phone calls and are trained in proper etiquette and procedure.

This can make all the difference from a patient’s perspective. They receive quality customer service while also having their needs handled any time of day.

A proper answering service channel ensures that doctors can always be reached. They also help to clear up communication channels while providing superior service to patients.

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Reliable Messaging Services  

All of your lines are busy, the office is closed, your nursing staff can’t get to the phone or you have a limited ability to constantly have a local employee sitting at the front desk. Whatever your reason maybe it’s likely that you still require calls for the doctor or nurse to be handled by a live receptionist. Something as easy as activating your call forwarding service allows your callers to instantly appreciate live customer service 24 hours a day.

Secure Phone Message Servivces

  • A patient or healthcare professional dials your number and is forwarded to a phone answering service provider.
  • Using highly advanced call center software the HIPAA compliant medical answering service can answer that phone call in the name of your healthcare practice. Example “Thanks for Calling Dr. Smiths Office, how may I help you this morning”.
  • The person speaks with the live receptionist just as though they were your own receptionist or nurse. The call center software makes it possible to ask a series of questions that are layered according to the caller’s questions and answers. Upon completing the call the system compares it against the doctor’s protocol for each message and it is then delivered according to the instructions of the hospital or doctors’ input. Unique applications are available for dental practices, chiropractors, surgeons, and other types of medical firms.
  • Messages can be sent to multiple email addresses, text to cell phones, or even accessed anytime by web-based applications that house the caller information in a HIPAA compliant secure portal for extended periods of time.

Ready to learn more? Check out our medical answering service review of top providers near you.

Doctors Get Phone Messages in Real Time

One benefit to phone answering services for doctors is real-time messaging.

Trained representatives are able to evaluate how urgent calls are.

In the event of an emergency, the representative will use their judgment and call a physician if necessary. The patient can then receive feedback from a doctor for peace of mind or to treat an ailment.


Is an answering service right for your practice?

It’s important to find a company that provides its services at an affordable price point. Many companies provide a list of services that can help doctors find the right plan for them.

Medical answering service rates depend on the services offered. However, there is an acceptable price range to follow.

The typical base cost of live answering services is less than $36 a week. That price should include 24/7 messaging services, appointment scheduling, and when applicable, bilingual agents.

Doctors can also seek out plans that cover additional benefits. They can seek out a flat rate program, pay as you go, or high volume services with unlimited call options.

One element of the pricing structure to note is the billing process. Many answering services offer plans that are based on talk time, while others bill by the call.

That means billing only occurs for actual time spent on the phone. Doctors don’t have to worry about paying for salaries, time off, health insurance and other hidden costs.

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There’s no shortage of benefits to hiring a doctor answering service.

Many calls come through after normal business hours. People call at all hours of the day no matter the day of the week.

Voicemails can pile up, leaving a practice bogged down with scheduling conflicts and slow service.

A doctor answering service takes care of all of these problems and more.

Being busy and being a doctor go hand in hand. But thanks to these answering services, doctors have one less headache to worry about.

Are you interested in giving your patients increased support all hours of the day?

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