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We take the pain out of the cost of phone answering for Chiropractors!

Discover the amazing business benefits of using a chiropractor answering service with our guide sharing everything you need to explore this opportunity.

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Did you know that, on average, 6 out of 10 small business phone calls go unanswered? They’re either sent directly to voicemail or continue to ring until the caller hangs up.

Worse yet, studies show bad phone experiences will send 74% of your customers to a competitor. That’s 3 out of every 4 people. If you combine those statistics, small businesses lose 5 out of every 20 customers because of poor phone service.

That’s a quarter of their business!

If you don’t want to fall into that category, you’ve got to improve your phone game. If you don’t have the energy to do it yourself, then hire a company to do it for you. The benefits such companies offer, go far beyond simple customer service.

When you’re ready to increase your client list and boost your customer satisfaction rating, read on.

Reliable Phone Answering For Chiropractors

Answering Phones for Chiropractors52% of small businesses are home-based businesses. That includes professions like chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists. Such businesses run with only one person behind the wheel: you.

If you run your business from your house or have a small office, chances are you don’t have the room or budget to hire a secretary. That means you’re missing out on potential clients when you don’t answer your phone.

But when you hire a Chiropractor answering service, a dedicated professional will answer your phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sure, that means they pick up when you’re in a session. It also means they pick up when you’re running errands or cooking dinner.

You don’t ever have to answer your business line again if you don’t want to. But your clients will still receive amazing care, no matter what time they pick up the phone to call.

If you do need to speak with a specific client, your answering service can transfer a live call. Some answering services also hire dedicated staff for emergency medical calls. So, no matter what your clients call about, they’ll be handled safely and effectively.

Make Follow-Up Calls

Professional answering services for Chiropractors will also return calls or make follow-up calls for you. If you’re in a rush, or you have a client who talks your ear off, you can avoid the hassle. Simply ask your phone representative to make your call for you. It’s as easy as that.

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Act as the Go-Between

One of the most common time consumers for chiropractors is the new client. And the time suck begins before that new client ever reaches the office. It usually starts with the usual 20 questions to make sure you offer what they need.

Older clients tend to take even longer. They still depend on receiving verbal directions to your office. If you hire a chiropractor answering service, they can provide all this information for you. It can dramatically reduce the time and hassle it takes to deal with first-time clients.

Your representative can collect client information, answer specific questions, and schedule appoints. You can let them handle the details and focus your time on what you do best.

Forward Messages

Call Answering For Chiropractic OfficeOne of the hardest things to contend with on busy days is your message backlog. If you regularly send callers to your voicemail, it’s easy to have a massive backlog by the end of the day. Hopefully, you get a chance to check them during your breaks, but some days that’s impossible.

And even when you do, you can’t separate the important calls from the trial ones. Not without listening to each first.

Answering services can do all this work for you.

They can speak to your callers and prioritize your messages. They can even forward the messages that are time-sensitive or those you’ve been waiting for. Now, imagine how this might save you time on a busy day.

Your service may field several phone calls from new prospects looking for a good chiropractor in town. One of which turns into a new appointment. After your representative makes the appointment, he also directs your client to the client intake form you’ve posted online. You don’t have to do a thing.

Another client calls to say they’ll be half an hour late. It means their appointment will run smack into the next appointment you scheduled. Your representative knows it’s important, so he gets a hold of you right away.

You can then ask him to call the next client to see if she can come in later. Or, you can come up with a different plan. But in either case, you can jump right back to work. Problem solved.

Increase Your Image – Get a Chiropractic Answering Service Today!

Testimonials are essential nowadays. They’re part of your business’s online image. Your clients tell viewers just what they think about your chiropractic sessions.

Sometimes that’s good news. Other times, well…

The only way to combat poor testimonials is with fantastic service. That increases the likelihood that clients will leave a good review. Unfortunately, great service is hard to achieve for a one-man band.

When you fill several roles, your attention is split. That leaves plenty of room for things to fall through the gaps. That means unanswered (or un-returned) calls and inadequate service.

When you hire a service to field the calls, your clients receive consistent service. Someone will always be on the other end of the phone when they call, and their questions will always be answered.

It also increases your clients’ perception of your business. Chiropractor answering services are often thought synonymous with virtual assistants. Yes, they’re different, but in the mind of your clients, they’re the same.

And your client’s perception of your business will improve if they think you have your own private secretary.

What’s Next?

Well, do you have a better understanding of what chiropractor answering services can do for you? If so, start hunting around for a service that suits your needs. Check websites, but more importantly, get someone on the phone and start asking questions.

Make sure it’s the right fit for you.

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