Hospitlal Answering Service

Hospital Answering Service

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A hospital is much different than a typical medical practice or doctor’s office and it usually requires more than a basic Hospital Answering Service solution, but more so needs call center services. A top provider will generally also service emergency rooms, clinics and urgent care centers so their staff is trained to deal with multiple medical scenarios and emergencies.

 Call Center Services for Hospitals

Call Center Services For Hospitals

When it comes to medicine and healthcare a hospital must adhere to stringent HIPAA laws and there’s no exception for the Hospital Answering Service they use. It is absolutely essential that a medical practice of any type have a HIPAA compliant streamlined communications systems in place that is available after hours, nights and weekends. Your call center services provider must have a rapid answer rate and be able answer phone calls within 3 rings and must have a serous back up solution in the event of power outages, inclement weather and other unexpected emergencies. That’s where we come in.

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We work with a network of customer service suppliers that specialize in 24/7 Hospital Call Center Services. Each company has been carefully screened and upon telling us your specific needs, call volume expectations, and a few other details we will connect you with the companies that can perfectly meet your requirements. And yes, while quality is crucial in the medical industry we know that price matters and our affiliates will fight for your business and you’ll have access to prices that are otherwise difficult to get.

  • Bilingual and Spanish Operators
  • Appointment Setting Services
  • Prescription Reminder Services
  • Billing Support
  • Lab Result Notification
  • 24×7 After Hour Call Answering
  • 99.9% Up time

Customer Support For Hospitals

A Live Answering Service for Hospitals will collect verified information and data from patients that are in the process of being discharged and can assist with common tasks like oxygen refills and medical equipment pick up & repairs. Agents are continually monitored and trained to handle calls from assisted living facilities, nursing agencies and even handle thousands of hospice calls on a daily basis. Medical Messages for the hospital and doctors and housed in saved and accessed through safe web-based application to offers many useful tools and sorting features which are generally included in the price for services.

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We take the medical business very serious and assume you take the answering service business very serous too. Let us help.


After Hours Hospitlal Answering Service


Hospital Call Center Services Communities Served: Houston-TX, New York-NY, Charlotte-NC, Miami-FL, Sacramento-CA, Memphis-TN, Columbus-OH, Los Angeles-CA, Chicago-IL, Philadelphia-PA, Phoenix-AZ, San Antonio-TX, San Diego-CA, Dallas-TX , San Jose-CA, Jacksonville-FL, Indianapolis-IN, San Francisco-CA, Austin-TX, Fort Worth-TX, Detroit-MI, Baltimore-MD, Boston-MA, Seattle-WA, Washington-DC, Nashville-TN, Denver-CO, Louisville-KY, Jefferson-KY, Milwaukee-WI, Portland-OR, Las Vegas-NV, Oklahoma City-OK, Tucson-AZ, Fresno-CA, Long Beach-CA, Kansas City-MO, Virginia Beach-VA, Atlanta-GA, Colorado Springs-CO, Omaha-NE, Raleigh-NC, Cleveland-OH, Tulsa-OK, Oakland-CA, Minneapolis-MS, Wichita-KS, Arlington-TX

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