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A 24 Hour Pediatrician Answering Service is an important part of any pediatric office. These medical practitioners specialize in treating children and their unfortunate diseases and constant communications is often times an absolute necessity. A pediatric answering service can offer many valuable services to assist the medical professionals via a HIPAA compliant call center and support center that is open to take calls after hours, weekends and 24×7.  Our team and our partners understand the medical industry and the importance of handling incoming calls with complete professionalism and compassion. We can help you save money on professional remote receptionists who are an extension of your office and will answer your telephone calls with kindness and who will timely deliver your messages by email, fax, text message or online access.

 Answering Service For Peditricians

Live Answering Service For Pediatricians

One of the best ways to attract and then keep patients is by offering a stand out customer service. Many people with children, especially first time parents can be anxious about symptoms their babies and children may be presenting and knowing that they can get a message to their child’s doctor is priceless.

  • Medical Calls Answered 24×7
  • Schedule Appointments With Patients
  • Real Time Message Delivery
  • HIPAA Compliant Transmission of Messages
  • Plans by Flat Rate, # of Minutes, or # of Calls
  • No Long Term Contracts

What better way to be able to help your patients and to reduce or eliminate any parental fears than having an after hours pediatric answering service provider that will assure the caller that their message is important and will immediately by delivered to the appropriate party so that proper action may be taken. It is natural for a parent to desire that their son or daughter have the best medical experience possible and part of that comes from communication at all levels. Remote operators will be trained to access a pediatricians  data base and deliver emergency calls and priority calls exactly as instructed by the doctor.

After Hours Peditrician Answering Service

There is no need to have a receptionist on the books to work outside of normal working hours, it is impractical and unprofitable. Instead you have an affordable pediatric answering service available for anyone to talk to whenever they may call. Sometimes all it takes is a reassuring word to know that a baby or child is perfectly okay and that the doctor is ready should to respond should the need arise.

An inbound answering service for pediatricians creates total accessibility to doctors and can make to a medical practice more efficient. All calls are recorded, date and time stamped and retained for future access in a HIPAA compliant electronic message retaining system.

By providing this excellent service to patients you are providing them with a quality 24×7 customer service solution. Have your calls answered 24×7 by a Doctors Remote Receptionist Service and you’ll discover for yourself all the benefits that doctors in all types of practice have grown to love.

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