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A 24 Hour Physicians Answering Service offers an abundance of ways to save time and money for doctors. Medical specialists deal with hundreds of patients and often times requires the use of a professional physician answering service that is HIPAA compliant and that is available to field calls from patients after hours, weekends and holidays.

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Our team and our partners understand the healthcare industry and the importance of delicately handling incoming calls from patients seeking a doctor’s advice, prescription refills or that may need to schedule an appointment with their doctors. We can help you with remote receptionists that are trained to handle medical calls and who are compassionate to the personal needs of your callers. Phone messages are taken with complete accuracy and are sent in live time by email, fax, text message or online access. Find out how 24×7 Doctors Answering Service can help!

Eliminate human error and never lose another message as the patient’s information is always accessible along with the caller ID #, time & date of call and details from each message. Use HIPAA compliant online portals and access and sort your phone messages 24×7.

Are you running a busy healthcare practice with a nurse who also doubles as the receptionist? You want to offer your patients an excellent service but often times no one is available to answer the phone and a telephone answering machine resumes the role of a human. Naturally this is not the ideal situation so what can you do to improve it? Take advantage of a modern 24 hour Physician Answering Service that will take all calls that come to your telephone when no one is available to take them. This way you will never miss an important call or need your nurse to leave an important task just to answer the phone. Fully discover for yourself just how affordable a remote medical receptionist actually is. You will probably be very surprised.

  • Calls Answered 24×7
  • Schedule Appointments With Patients
  • Real Time Message Delivery
  • HIPAA Compliant Answering Service
  • Plans by Flat Rate, # of Minutes, or # of Calls
  • No Long Term Contracts

Especially in the medical field people today really don’t like voice mail systems and will not leave a message and will simply hang up. They will call around until they find a person to talk to. By using a live physicians answering service you are offering people an extra level of medical service that your colleagues and patients deserve. It doesn’t matter when they might call, it could be well after hours or on a major holiday, your call will be answered by an alert, friendly operator. Not all accidents happen during business hours and not all calls arrive during those times either. Be prepared and consider a service to assist your office when you or your staff can’t.

No doubt there are a growing number of restrictions and considerable limitations that are being placed on the medical industry and that can make increasingly difficult to remain profitable. By using an affordable Answering Service for practitioners you can actually lower your overhead while you are giving a lot more potential patients access to your services. Many people who are living or visiting in your area and who need some medical advice will be grateful for the opportunity to talk to a real person in their time of need.

Patients Need To Know Their Physician Can Be Reached 24×7 in the Even of an Emergency

A doctor is constantly concerned with promoting, maintaining and restoring people back to good health and outsourcing basic customer service is generally a good business decision. A quality service will assist healthcare offices with appointment setting services, call screening and will even offer call scripts that are so personalized that many of your callers will never even know they are talking with a remote receptionist. Everything from hello to good-bye will be tailored specifically to each doctors office needs.

24 Hour Medical Answering Service Solutions Branded

By providing this excellent service to patients you are providing them with a quality 24×7 customer service solution. Have your calls answered 24×7 by a Physicians Answering Service and you’ll discover for yourself all the benefits that a physician should be enjoying already.

Pro and Cons a Outsourcing to a Physicians Answering Service

Let’s examine the advantages, as well as the disadvantages of outsourcing call answering to a physicians answering service.


  1. Improved patient experience: A physician answering service can provide 24/7 coverage, which means patients can always reach a live person, even after hours. This can improve patient satisfaction and ensure they receive timely and appropriate care.
  2. Reduced workload for staff: By outsourcing the task of answering calls to a physician answering service, your staff can focus on other important tasks such as patient care and administrative duties. This can help reduce burnout and turnover.
  3. Cost-effective: Hiring a physician answering service can be cost-effective compared to hiring additional staff to handle phone calls. Additionally, it can help reduce overhead costs such as office space and equipment.
  4. Increased efficiency: A physician answering service can handle multiple calls simultaneously and can prioritize urgent calls, helping to improve efficiency and reduce wait times for patients.
  5. Improved compliance: A physician answering service can help ensure compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, by maintaining the privacy and security of patient information.


  1. Limited control: Outsourcing answering services means you will have less direct control over how calls are handled. You’ll need to trust that the service provider is following your instructions and representing your practice appropriately.
  2. Quality concerns: The quality of service provided by the answering service may not always meet your expectations. It’s important to choose a reputable provider with a proven track record.
  3. Additional costs: While hiring a physician answering service can be cost-effective in the long run, there will be additional costs associated with the service, such as monthly fees and per-minute charges.
  4. Integration issues: Integrating the answering service with your existing office systems can be challenging and may require additional setup time and costs.
  5. Lack of personal touch: Some patients may prefer to speak directly with their doctor or a member of their staff. Using an answering service may not provide the same level of personal touch as an in-house receptionist or office staff member.
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