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The Essential Guide to Choosing the Best Medical Call Answering Service

Looking for a call answering service for your medical practice? Be sure to read this guide to be sure you know how to make the best choice.

The days of a healthcare professional are usually jam-packed. However, there are ways to make life a little easier using a call answering service.

We know how tough it is. You’re expected to meet the medical needs of clients both inside the practice but also the ones calling in from home who need advice, an appointment, or immediate medical attention.

Hiring the right call answering service can save you stress, time, and money.


Choose the Right Call Answering Service

An answering service is when a company employs a team of trained customer service agents to take on the calls from prospects and customers. They represent your business and care for your customers as much as you for.

Answering Service Solutions

They can provide a lot more valuable support than just picking up the phone: assess call flow for optimization, how to communicate important information, and how to best schedule appointments.

In this guide, you’ll learn 3 things to keep in mind when choosing a call answering service for your healthcare practice.

Evaluate Your Own Services First

Before you dive into your google search for answering services, you will need to understand what exactly you need from a service.

Are you looking for someone to answer the phone for personal requests? Or maybe it’s just about scheduling appointments? Consider the following factors:

  • How many doctors are working in your practice
  • The types of requests handled on the phone
  • If you experience emergency situations on the phone
  • How busy the office can get and at which times

It’s best to go into your search armed with the knowledge of how you run and what you need from an answering service so that you can best support your clients.

Pick the Right Type of Service

To pick the best service, you should become familiar with the different types of answering services. The two most popular ones, after a team of customer service agents, are the virtual receptionist and call centers.


A virtual receptionist is actually a real person that handles the same type of responsibilities as a receptionist that sits in your office. This receptionist knows about your day-to-day and can handle more industry-specific requests.

Call centers are for when you need assistance from multiple people for various requests. Your calls will be re-routed to a call center to representatives that have been trained to address the needs of your customers.

Check Security and Compliance

It’s important that the service you choose is HIPPA compliant. There is a frequent exchange of sensitive information in a healthcare office, and HIPPA sets the standards for patient data protection. When a service is compliant, you’ll know that the privacy and security requirements for your customers’ data are met.

Secure Phone Message Services

Moreover, the service needs to ensure the security of patient information such as names and telephone numbers with password protection. Traditional SMS and text messaging would not be reliable and should not be used by a service provider.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

If you want to run a great healthcare business, you need to start and end with the best customer care. Your customers feel valued when you’ve met their needs and have taken sufficient time to take care of them.

Are you looking for a call answering service? Check out our solutions to see how you can benefit from our system.

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