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HIPAA Compliance Answering Service

If you are in the medical field, you probably know the HIPAA privacy rule quite well. Patient confidentiality was of serious concern from the moment you set foot in your clinic or hospital. And as you begin to automate medical services in your clinic, you need to make sure every aspect of your practice is HIPAA compliant.

Patient confidentiality was a top priority on from the moment you opened your medical office. And as you begin to automate services in your clinic, you need to make sure every aspect of your healthcare practice is HIPAA compliant.

A doctor’s answering service is one of the most useful automated services you could adopt at your office. If you’ve relied on a simple answering machine after hours you know how inefficient such a system can be.

In a busy clinic, you may need a dozen lines to service all the calls during hours. And a lot of people just hang up on voice mail answering machines.

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HIPAA Compliant Doctor’s Answering Service Saves You Money and Time

With a HIPAA compliant doctor’s answering service, you can cut out all the hassles that come with either a traditional phone message system or a basic call center service provider.

After Hours Doctors Answering Services Prioritize Emergency Calls

Doctor Using Answering Service

When you run a clinic, emergencies are part of the job. While emergencies that need immediate attention rely on 911, smaller emergencies might need the primary care physician’s attention, especially during office hours.

An after hours medical answering service that is HIPAA compliant will weed out the emergencies from the non-emergencies. It can prioritize your calls and your virtual receptionist can screen calls accordingly.

No longer will you and your staff waste their time with calls that should have been routed differently in the first place.

HIPAA Medical Call Centers Cut Out the Middle Man

With a poor communications solution, things can get lost in translation. This can cost your clinic both time and resources.

Studies show that miscommunication cost hospitals and clinics $1.7 billion dollars and 1,744 lives between 2009 and 2013. Of course, that isn’t all communication between patient and doctor, but you can bet that some of those cases were such.

With a medical call center service representative patient needs will no longer me misinterpreted or delayed. You will be able to respond with proper care promptly and appropriately.

Your Medical Receptionists Can Be Present

Unless it’s an emergency, the patient in front of your receptionist is the patient who is most important in the moment. It can often time be a waste of time if they have to field non-emergent questions like “What time do you close?” while trying to do the rest of their job.

You pay these employees by the hour. And each moment they waste attending to non-job related things, the less productive they are during their paid hours.

With a 24/7 doctor’s answering service, your receptionist can be present for duty at all hour of the day. No need to waste time when a robot is answering your phone for you.

Never Miss a Patient With HIPAA Medical Answering Service

With non-medical answering systems or call centers, you are more likely than not to miss a patient’s call. Call centers, especially ecommerce related offices, can get overloaded and wait times while being on hold can drive patients away.

With a doctor’s answering service, your patient will feel attended to promptly. They won’t have to wait on the phone until a representative is available.

And, if someone can’t get to them right away, the service will direct them through the appropriate options and you will have a categorized message waiting for you when you have time. Whether during office hours or after hours, your patients will be attended to one way or another.

After Hours Physicians Answering Service


A Doctor’s Answering Service Keeps Your Clinic HIPAA Compliant

Medical Data Protected

Privacy is a big deal in the medical field. Your medical information is highly sensitive and can be damaging and costly if leaked.

And as we’ve digitalized and automated a lot of the medical field, the government has stepped up its game when it comes to privacy laws. From your computer network to your cell phone, to your file system, every communication in your office is regulated when it comes to patient information.

And your answering service is a key aspect of your clinic’s communication.

Here’s a few ways a non-HIPAA complaint answering service will fail you.

Encrypted  – Unencrypted Alpha-Numeric Paging

Encryption is an important aspect of HIPAA in the digital age. And when it comes to sending any kind of message across a digital system, you need to ensure nobody inappropriate can access or happen upon the information.

With a non-HIPAA compliant service, your messages and paging systems aren’t encrypted. This means malicious people can intercept and use the information at will.

If an auditor came through and found you had such a service, it could cost you a lot of money. Up to $50,000 of your clinic’s money could go toward an HIPAA fine and $1.5 million if not corrected during a certain time period.

Instead, a doctor’s answering service will encrypt every message and voice transmission end to end. This means that as soon as it leaves the lips or fingertips of the patient or doctor, it gets encrypted and sent. Then when it arrives at the other end, it gets decrypted.

This is why it’s against HIPAA to use most mobile messaging services and email to transmit client information.

Cyber Security From Your Doctors Answering Service

Cyber Security

Firewalls are necessary to protect your messaging archives and computer systems. And a doctor’s answering service that isn’t HIPAA compliant won’t have these in place.

You need to protect against malicious attackers if you are going to be HIPAA compliant. And a good answering service will have this in place with their systems.

These security breaches and others could put your client’s private information at risk. An HIPAA complaint answering service will ensure your private data is secure against attack.

By this time it should be a foregone conclusion that your clinic needs an HIPAA compliant doctors answering service.

Protect your client’s private information right now by securing a quote and find the right service for your clinic.

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