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How a Dentist Answering Service Can Benefit Your Dental Practice

With a growing dental practice, you have to be prepared to take on more patients as time goes on.

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Having more customers is never a bad thing, but you need to be prepared to field hundreds of calls. If you don’t have the proper measures put in place, you and your staff will quickly be overwhelmed. This can result in a decline in your reputation and customer base.

One thing you can do to accommodate your growing practice’s needs is to hire a dentist answering service. By outsourcing this simple, yet important task, you can stay on top of what you do best. You’ll also take a huge burden away from your in-house staff members.

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In this post, we’re going to discuss some of the many ways that a dental answering service can help your practice grow. It might not be something you’ve thought about doing yet, but you’ll soon find out that too many calls and too little time will overwhelm you.

Don’t wait until your practice is sinking to get help. Learn how a dentist answering service can help.

What Does a Dentist Answering Service Do?

The way that services like ours work is that you hire us to field all of the calls for your dental practice. It could be for an appointment, a rescheduling, or some other concern. Our team has a thorough understanding of the dental industry, so your clients will have no idea that they’re speaking to an answering service and not your staff.

We’ll answer calls 24/7, schedule appointments, and give you real-time message delivery. Customer service is incredibly important in the dental world. Your customers are going to expect a level of care and professionalism that only a professional call-answer service can provide.

Let’s now look at more of the benefits that you’ll see with this type of dental administration.

Shift Your Focus Back Onto Patient Care

Having an answering service fielding all of your customers’ calls allows you to shift your focus fully onto patient care. When you’ve got a growing practice and a few staff members fielding calls for one or more dentists, it gets harder and harder to run your practice efficiently.

You need your staff members to check in patients as they’re coming in, prepare charts, update schedules, communicate with insurance providers, and perform numerous other office duties. If they’re tied up on the phone all day, they’ll end up behind on these duties, and your practice will end up disorganized in general.

With an answering service on your side, your receptionists can do what they’re supposed to do; run the day-to-day operations at your practice.

Garner a Better Reputation With Amazing Customer Service

Reputation is a huge deal in the world of dentistry. If you let yours slip, patients won’t hesitate to go elsewhere for their dental care. Part of this has to do with you and how your receptionists and hygienists operate in person. Much of it will also have to do with your answering service.

The professionals at 24/7 Doctors Answer Service will ensure that your patients, new and old, are always satisfied with your service. We won’t just uphold your dental reputation; we’ll help you improve it.

Schedule Appointments, Keep Growing

Whether you’re just opening up a new dental practice or you’ve been at it for some time, 24-hour answering services will help you schedule more appointments. This will allow you to grow your practice at an increased pace.

When prospective clients are calling around to find a new dentist, a busy signal is one of the worst sounds they can hear. The only thing worse might be putting them on hold. If you’re allowing your receptionist to handle every single call, this is a foregone conclusion. These potential patients will go over to a competitor.

With a team of dedicated professionals taking calls off-site, you’ll never have to worry about new patients feeling neglected. They’ll always be scheduled into your system, and you’ll keep growing at whatever pace you feel comfortable.

24/7 Support

For most dental practices, new or old, having a receptionist available around the clock isn’t a viable or cost-effective option. Unfortunately, for those rare patients that need emergency scheduling or advice, you won’t be around to help them.

A service like ours offers 24/7 support for an affordable rate that makes sense for your practice. We’ll answer basic questions about upcoming visits, costs associated with dental work, or any other general inquiries that your patients might have during or outside of business hours.

This allows you to separate yourself from your practice. We’ll only notify you of the most pressing emergencies and give you the break you need from patients that might have Google’d their symptoms. Your work/life balance will almost certainly get better as a result.

Reallocate Resources

With affordable plans that are designed to accommodate any practice’s budget and needs, you can choose to pay per number of minutes, number of calls, or pay a monthly flat rate for our services. There are no long-term contracts, so if you just need a service to cover the phones while an employee is on vacation, we can do that too.

These savings allow you to reallocate resources at your practice. Once again, this helps you to grow your business and focus on the most important things. You shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of care or potential upgrades to your practice or equipment because you need to pay for an extra receptionist.

Hire the Best Dentist Answering Service

Now that you know a bit more about how a dentist answering service can help your dental practice, it’s time to give us a call at 24/7 Doctors Answering Service. With our flexible plans and professional team of receptionists, we can help to take your dental practice to new heights.

Visit our site today to learn more about what we do, and contact us to get a quote for your practice’s needs.

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