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Most patients have dealt with IVR systems before, and aren’t even aware of it. An IVR (interactive voice response) system is a type of technology that allows the caller to quickly and easily find answers pertaining to their medical needs via the telephone keypad and automated voice instructions. Think of it as an automated attendant that can address most standard business questions or forward callers to nurses, billing, or the doctor on call simply by pressing a few buttons.

Having an IVR system can help reduce the price of your medical messaging service because it can act as its own receptionist to the doctors answering service. An answering service’s general goal is to answer phone calls so that:

  • You have less interruption and can focus solely on the task(s) at hand

  • Your potential and current patients can have constant communication

  • You can retain potential patients who might move on to another healthcare practice if they couldn’t get questions answered or reach someone

  • Reduces costly labor costs

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Medical call center providers primarily bills in time increments, and many have monthly plans including a certain number of minutes allocated. However, with an IVR system, you can help the caller find the answers to basic questions which reduces the cost of having to speak with a live operator, while still leaving the option of being connect to a person when necessary.

Medical Answering Service and IVR Solutions Assist With:

  • The physician office’s operating hours

  • The business’s address

  • Prescription questions

  • How to connect to a specific person

  • Learn basic information about the doctors services

If the majority of your calls are regarding any of the above concerns, you could save a fair amount of money by using an IVR system to complement your physicians messaging service. This way, you can ensure that the calls being answered by your doctors telephone answering service are legitimate, time-worthy questions.

For your IVR system to really save you money, it needs to be effective. Having a complicated IVR set up can turn the customer off from the business entirely. Consider whether or not you have ever been frustrated by the automated system and its inability to provide an immediate answer to your question or to put in contact with the right person or department. As you may know, it can lead to hanging up and not looking back. This is why it’s vital that you provide the opportunity for the caller to speak to an actual person.

Here are a few ways to ensure that you have an effective IVR system:

  • Set up clear, concise menus and prompts

  • Have global commands (i.e, go back to main menu)

  • Make sure responses properly address actions made

  • Human assistance is available at any point in time

With an efficient IVR system, coupled with a great phone answering service, you’re sure to not only save money, but to gain customers as well. Giving callers the ability to have their questions answered in a timely manner lets them know that serving them is a top priority. Not sure what types of heath care answering services are right for you? Simply answer a few questions and we’ll guide you through the entire process.

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