Lead Capturing Answering Service For Medical Office

How an Answering Service Captures Leads for Doctors

We might live in the Computer Age and with the streamlined connectivity of the World Wide Web, but most doctor’s appointments—for new and existing patients alike—still start with a phone call. If your medical office doesn’t have someone answering those calls all day, every day, chances are you’re missing out on new patients and sources of greater revenue. To make the most of your medical business, consider the lead capturing value of an answering service that specializes in serving doctors and other medical professionals.

Medical Answering Services Go Far Beyond Message Taking

The medical profession has been using answering services longer than most other industries; having a go-between to take messages and use doctor-set criteria to determine when an emergency call should be put through creates an effective buffer that gives doctors the time off they deserve without the worry that patients won’t receive the critical care they need. Modern medical answering services are far more than middlemen and message takers, however—they can actually help you grow your business and your profitability through more effective and efficient lead capturing and follow-through.

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When a new potential patient calls, they are far more likely to make an appointment if they are able to speak with a real live human being after the first few rings. Long hold times or voicemail systems might cause them to move onto the next doctor instead. At the same time, paying in-office staff to answer all calls at all times isn’t financially feasible for most smaller medical practices and even many large institutions. A medical answering service gives new patients the human contact they want and medical offices the efficient and accurate information-taking they depend on, meaning you’ll never miss a lead simply because you couldn’t answer the phone.

The benefits of a doctor-dedicated call center don’t end there, either. A HIPAA-compliant answering service will be able to perform a basic over-the-phone intake, recording necessary information regarding a patient’s health status, current complaints or problems, insurance, and more, and can even set appointments based on your office’s schedule and availability. Callers won’t simply be leaving a message to be passed on when the doctor gets around to it, but will feel as though they’re speaking to a caring and knowledgeable member of the staff who is making sure they’ll be seen as quickly as possible.

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Meanwhile, you get the information you need to give patients the medical care they need without the time and resource drain of lead capturing, intake procedures, and appointment setting. You can see more patients and actually improve the quality of care they receive while reducing expenses and increasing revenue.

Take the Lead with a Medical Answering Service

Get on board with the right medical inbound call center, and give each call the best possible chance to turn into a paying patient. With better lead capturing and conversion, your medical business can go from flatlining to the peak of financial health in no time.

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