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5 Benefits of a Medical Answering Service for Your Pediatric Office

Children, like adults, get sick and have emergencies at all hours. Your pediatric office would see huge benefits with a medical answering service.

Competent healthcare workers aren’t the only thing you need to provide quality service at a pediatric office. Customers also need total access to these workers when they need them.

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Children can get injured or sick at odd hours and require emergency assistance. The pediatric emergency department handles 20% of all emergency care. If a parent cannot get the medical help they need, they become scared and frustrated.

You’re not only helping these parents and their kids getting a medical answering system; you also help your business. Keep reading to learn the reasons you should have an answering service at your pediatric office.

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1. Heightened Reputation

Having a good doctor-patient relationship includes other factors you may not think of. If a patient finds it hard to get a hold of their doctor, which dampers the relationship.

Customers will perceive an office and their workers as unreliable if no one is there to answer calls. You can increase the reputation of your service by offering 24/7 care with professional, empathetic, and dedicated workers who are available at all times.

2. Reduced Fees

When you hire any staff to work for you at your office, you must pay for them. When you get an answering service, you don’t have to worry about providing a wage, sick leave, and other benefits.

You only have to pay a monthly fee or an upfront payment. If you have multiple locations, this is even better because all calls from all locations can be handled without added people.

3. More Freedom

Not every office has the money or ability to have staff around all day. Getting a medical answering service takes away from the added pressure that a doctor or nurse must be on standby at all times.

There are many cases a visit to the physician’s office or emergency department isn’t needed. Having someone there to set an appointment and answer questions or worries could be all a parent needs. This saves time for both the patient and the physicians who can rest easy.

4. Increased Profit

Pediatrics clinics can save money by using an answering service to manage all calls. This allows other staff members to focus on more important tasks. Providing 24/7 answering services to customers also means you can increase the number of new visitors you receive and retain customers who appreciate the service.

5. Ability to Offer 24/7 Support Profit

80% of customers believe that calling is the best way to get a quick response, especially during emergencies. These calls can soothe customers who need someone to talk to during unknown situations.

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, snowstorms, or heavy storms occur. Weather changes are random and inevitable. Kids still require care during these times. Having a HIPAA-compliant answering service allows offices to communicate with customers to answer concerns or provide updates.

Improving Customer Service in the Pediatric Office

In order for an office to operate functionally, there must be order. All workers must know how to communicate well with each other. Relaying information to doctors and nurses from customers on a round-the-clock-basis can be difficult and costly without an answering service at the pediatric office.

Adding the service will help everyone in the office as well as your customers. There’s no question answering services are a must. You can receive a quote online to get started.

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