Patients Spreading Bad Medical Service Complaints and How to Fix it

If a doctor or nurse makes just one mistake it can literally spread to hundreds of local consumers within seconds of happening and it’s costing many medical professional a ton of money, even if they are not guilty of the allegation. Imagine the scenario – your office is slammed with patients in need of medical attention and a patient walks in with a child having a “less critical” health concern and unfortunately needs to wait 45 minutes before they are seen. The patient feels their child’s health warrants jumping ahead in line and when they don’t get their way out comes the smart phone with the disastrous Facebook status update like “OMG my baby is lethargic and I’m so worried and Dr. Bill doesn’t even care, he’d rather treat the common cold than help a dying child. Don’t take baby here”. Can you image the posts that follow? Can you image the impact of your reputation to the patients “followers”. Of course as a health care answering service provider we encourage the value of provided good service to your patients but sometimes bad news (true or not) travels at lightning speed. From Twitter to a blog post and more you need to know how to manage it and we think this impressive infographic produced and distributed by KBSD Marketing will help with some solutions.

Online Reviews Effecting Doctors Reputations

Ever wonder how healthcare answering services help avoid tarnishing your online reputation? Request information on medical call center service solutions and learn why over 20,000 medical practices use call centers to support their practice and how it actually pays for itself.

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