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5 Ways to Improve Patient Communication in Your Sacramento Medical Office

Sacramento Medical Answwering Service

A present doctor is important. Without a doctor’s guidance, a patient could become worried or confused. What are the different ways a doctor and their medical office can improve patient communication? Benefits of a Sacramento Medical Answering Service.

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If you’re a doctor in Sacramento, you probably know how important communication is with your patients.

In fact, studies found that communication, or rather the lack thereof, is the number one complaint among patients.

A present doctor is important. Without a doctor’s guidance, a patient can become worried and confused. Check out 5 ways a doctor and their medical office can improve patient communication.

1. Use Less Medical Jargon

A great way to improve communication with patients is to start using less medical jargon. Explain things in an easier to understand manner. Talking science to your patients only tells that you’re smart and what you know. It doesn’t give them any information.

Patients can become confused if you are using too much jargon and talking too fast. You may not even realize that your patients didn’t understand what you said because they may be too embarrassed to ask you to repeat yourself.

By slowing down and using easier to understand language, your patients will understand more and possibly be more comfortable asking questions.

A doctors answering service can follow scripts and say exactly what you desire them to say. You are in total control.

2. Be Present and Mindful

Doctors are incredibly busy, but you need to be present with each patient. Being present and mindful shows your patients that you care. Instead of thinking about the next thing on your long to-do list, be in the moment with your present patient.

Perhaps this means you need to know how to learn patience or that you should practice being present and mindful. Either way, both your patients and practice will benefit from you being more in the moment.

3. Honesty Is the Best Policy

When you’re looking at the different ways to communicate with your patients, you must remember honesty. There may be times that you don’t want to fully disclose something for fear of emotionally hurting that person, but being honest is vital.

4. Listen

Active listening is another one of the great ways of communicating with patients. Don’t interrupt. Stop typing or writing. Just listen.

After you listen, then you can reflect back what you heard. Better communication during the medical interview process leads to better health-related outcomes for the patient. Having good listening skills along with appropriate body language are just two of the manners that physicians should demonstrate.

A Sacramento Doctors Answering Service can take surveys, record calls, and document customer responses to improve your customer service.

5. Gather All Information

When you’re going over patient complaints during a visit, gather all the information. They may have a few different complaints, so hear them out. Stopping at the first complaint and going straight into a plan of attack may prevent the patient from telling you other important information regarding their health.

Improving Patient Communication

Improving doctor-patient communication will help your practice run smoother. It will also increase the confidence that your patients have in you and your staff.

Another great way to improve patient communication is by assuring your patients that they can reach you in emergency situations. You can ensure this type of customer service by having the right answering service in place.

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