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Three Reasons Why People Expect 24 Hour Patient Care And Support

Curious about why more medical professionals are using answering services? People expect round the clock patient care and support: here’s why.

The customer comes first, always. That’s been the basic mantra of successful businesses dating back to the dawn of time.

Keeping up with what clients and consumers actually want, however, can be a full-time task.

In today’s environment, more and more patients expect to receive around the clock care and service. Over 51% of consumers stated they believe a business should be available 24/7. And if you don’t adapt to their preferences and needs, you can bet another business will.

Why are consumers demanding around the clock patient care? We’ll walk you the three major reasons.

Patient Support1. “Quick” Has Changed

It used to be that a practice that would respond to patient queries first thing in the morning was deemed fast and reliable.

Now, with the influence of the web and tech giants like Amazon, consumers are being trained to expect immediate results. Customer definitions of what’s considered fast or not fast grows more extreme on a daily basis.

That expectation applies both to the speed of service but also to the speed of response that they expect from you. Responding within twenty fours is simply just not good enough for the modern consumer. In internet time, that’s an eternity.

2. Patients Want Accurate Information

Consumers are nothing if not inquisitive. With the internet, your products and services are always in the spotlight. When a customer feels the need to provide comments, feedback, or ask questions about the services your business provides, they’ll want to be able to right that second, not later.

If potential or current patients aren’t able to get information clarified when they need it, they’ll very likely look for help from someone who can. Unless the information on your website is kept completely up to date and covers any questions a consumer might have, you’ll likely find patients wanting to reach out to you at all hours of the day or night.

In the medical field, patient questions can be incredibly specific. General information found online is typically not enough to quell concerns or provide the information needed. If you want to be there for your patients in the way they need and may even expect, you need to be reachable at all times.

3. Patients Want Authentic Interaction

Consumers of all sorts dislike scripted services or talking to robots. Especially when it comes to a people-focused industry like healthcare, patients want to feel that they are being treated on a personal level.

People are distrustful of and have negative reactions to companies that they feel are inauthentic. Sending them to a recorded voice message or automated robot can easily make them angry. They can begin to feel as if they’re not actually being heard.

24 Hour Customer ServicePatient Care Is A 24/7 Task

All industries have gone through massive changes in the way they handle consumer needs. Patient care is no different. The days of taking queries and giving help only during business hours are over.

Now the average patient expects you present and ready to help them at any time.

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