Why You May Choose Not To Answer Your Own Phones

Why You May Choose Not To Answer Your Own PhonesYou might have set up a professional workplace with all required resources in place and you may be having a great business strategy to accomplish your business plans, but have you decided who will receive calls on your behalf? While you may consider receiving calls directly, but think twice before you really decide to handle your own calls. Have you ever thought that when you handle your own calls, the callers may view you as “unprofessional”? When you pick up a call and greet the caller by saying, “Hi, this is James Management Consultancy, and this is James speaking”, the caller may not perceive you as someone reliable. Busy business owners do not have much time to handle phone calls by themselves and if you receive a call by yourself, you indicate that you do not have adequate work to take care of. Simply put, by answering your own phones, you may allow others to question your reputation.

While you may want to remain accessible to your clients, responding directly to your calls may generate opposite outcomes. You may be thinking that your callers will be quite happy and excited to talk to you straightaway, but in reality, they may feel a little anxious and fail to establish solid communication with you. Callers may feel a bit shocked when they will come to learn that they are speaking to the top authority. Instead, your callers may expect your receptionist to talk to them first and then redirect them to you. This does not really make any sense, but that’s what human psychology is all about!

Most importantly, when you answer your own phone, you tend to get diverted from your focus areas. When you do multitasking, you end up compromising on your outcome quality. You will surely want to respond to your clients’ queries by answering their calls directly and instilling a personal touch in your communication, but you have to admit that you will end up doing too many things at the end of the day. Besides, every caller does not require your urgent involvement. Determine whether the callers really want the maximum out of you and find out whether they really want you to remain personally available whenever they need you most. If you realize that you do not need to handle all your calls by yourself, you may consider allocating this job to your in-house phone answering team or a live answering service that operates on a  24/7 basis. This way, you will allow yourself enough time, liberty, and space to focus on key areas and promote your business to higher levels.

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