Common Customer Complaints And How To Address Them

Common Customer Complaints And How To Address ThemWhen you serve your customers, you should remain prepared to accept their feedback, positive as well as negative. While positive comments keep you motivated, the negative comments may actually interfere with your focus and work schedule as you struggle to address the complaints properly and handle other tasks at the same time. Some issues emerge from the company’s fault while some problems are the results of the customers’ misunderstanding. Whatever the case may be, you have to solve issues tactfully while respecting your customers’ viewpoints.

Here are some common customer complaints and ways by which you can address them in an appropriate manner:

  • I seem to be waiting for a long time to get my problem addressed.

You should assure your customer that you are doing your best to help him overcome the issue. Appreciate him for his patience as you acknowledge the inconvenience that your customer experiences. It is not a good idea to put the blame on internal issues, such as managerial problems, and discuss the same with your client. Your reputation is linked to your company’s reputation and you will definitely not want to spoil it.

  • I am just tired of conveying the same messages over and over again to multiple points of contacts.

Apologize to the customer for the situation that he is facing. Customers feel comfortable to communicate with one single point of contact and their strong rapport can go a long way to build customer loyalty. Customers like to be heard and so you may want to avoid assigning multiple executives to handle one customer’s issues.

  • Your product does not work in the way it is expected to work.

Ask the client about the outcomes that he is looking for. There are chances that the customer does not know how to use the product. Explain how he should use the product. If the customer has ordered your product by mistake, check with him if he would like to exchange the product with an item that addresses his needs perfectly.

  • I did not hear from you.

You may be handling too many clients and too many issues at a time, which is why you may fail to respond to a client in a timely manner. Things become worse when you have to address a thorny issue that may take some time to be resolved. In such cases, keep your customer updated about what they should expect next and when you will contact them again.

Some customers would say that they have got a better offer from your competitor. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about the market, to upgrade your services, and to beat the competition.

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