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Is the Doctor in? Answering Services in the Healthcare Field

A lot of substantial overhead is involved with maintaining any type of office in the healthcare field. The cost of facilities, staffing, and equipment has been steadily on the rise. This means that to stay in the black, you need to find ways to trim costs where you can, without affecting the level of care you’re able to offer your clients or patients.

One of the most overlooked ways that a business in the healthcare field can minimize costs without compromising the level of care that they offer is through the use of an off-site answering service. These services can streamline business processes, reduce staffing costs, and improve customer service simultaneously.

Medical Call Center Improves Patient Care With An Answering Service

Patients who call a doctors office or any other type of health facility are typically already in a stressed state. Dealing with health issues is never fun, and these people need to be treated courteously and politely while being offered effective service if they’re to remain satisfied. Achieving this with in-house staff is very expensive. The cost of hiring and training enough personnel to keep the phones staffed at all times is prohibitive for most businesses.

The call-center model makes a great deal of financial sense for healthcare offices. Call centers that specialize in working in the healthcare field have many clients that they answer the phones for. This means that the cost to each individual company is a fraction of what it would be to keep their phones staffed internally in the same manner. Essentially, every caller still gets to deal with a professional and kind person on the phone, but your costs stay low.

Answering Services For Medical Office

Enhance Scheduling Workflow With an Answering Service

One of the most complex administrative tasks in any healthcare-related office is the scheduling of appointments. The larger the office, the more complex and time consuming this task can get. An answering service can remove a large part of this burden from your office, and greatly simplify the appointment scheduling process.

We, for example, has processes in place that allow us to work with healthcare companies to set appointments in a streamlined and efficient fashion. This means that no matter how many professionals are in your office, we can use an integrated scheduling system to book appointments for your patients according to the parameters that you set. All that is left for you to do is check the schedule and see patients as they are scheduled.

Patient Privacy Protection

The healthcare industry brings with it a variety of legal and regulatory constraints that other businesses don’t need to worry about. Because our agents are trained to work in the healthcare field, they are always kept up to date on the latest privacy and confidentiality requirements. Your patients’ information is always protected, and your company remains free from liability.

We will be happy to help discuss how a professional live answering service can help improve your patient satisfaction and lower your overhead at anytime. Call us to learn more.

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  1. Drew Harrison

    Making sure my privacy is protected is really important. The last thing I need is for my medical records to be on the internet or something. There seems to be a trend of businesses and companies getting hacked and info being released. I’m glad that they are making security a priority.

  2. Joseph Miller

    Medical answering service transfers important messages regarding medical, pharmaceutical and rehabilitation information to patients,clients, medical vendor and prospective customers. They are a true medical answering service specializing in inbound call center services,appointment scheduling , prescription reminder outbound telephone calls, etc.

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