Tips for Reducing the Cost of Health Care Answering Services

A medical answering service can be a great way for your practice to save time and money, but they can also cost you more than they need to if you aren’t taking control of your incoming calls and how they’re handled. These quick and simple tips can help keep your answering service as efficient and cost-effective as possible, giving your budget a break while improving your customer service.

Get Text-Based Updates from Your Answering Service

Many answering services for doctors charge their clients for each minute an agent is on the phone, and this can include time they spend on the phone updating you about your calls, messages, and other details of the service. Using texts (SMS messaging) and/or emails can directly reduce your inbound call service expenses and can be a much more efficient way to gather, sort, and assess relevant information about your calls and callers. This can reduce your internal human resource expenses and lead to more accurate and up-to-date information, enabling you to better serve your customers.

Keep Your Inbound Call Center Cutting Edge

How To Lower The Price of Medical Answering Service SolutionsThere are plenty of technological tools doctors answering services can put to work for you that will save time on phone calls and keep your customers happy. Advanced call systems can recognize inbound numbers and use them to automatically fill databases with information from repeat callers, eliminating the time spent on gathering basic data time after time. This information can also help your virtual receptionists suggest and sell products and services based on a caller’s previous orders, quickly verify service plans for after-hours callers to prevent unnecessary disruptions to your time off, and direct all calls to your business more promptly. Faster connections mean more satisfied customers and less call agent time you have to pay for.

Answer Routine Questions and Calls Automatically

If you’re paying your inbound call center agents to answer the same basic questions and provide the same routine information to caller after caller, you’re spending money you don’t need to. A quick pre-recorded greeting can provide all of the basic info customers might need before they’re connected with an agent and before you start paying for having the call answered by a live agent. Some simple menu options can direct callers to more detailed information with the push of a button, or instantly connect callers to an agent when they make that specific selection. This gives you the best of both worlds—customer satisfaction combined with complete customer satisfaction.

Don’t let the costs of an answering service put you on hold. They’re a great choice for businesses of all sizes when it comes to controlling the price of handling your inbound calls, and with these tips making them even more efficient you can stretch your dollars, your time, and your other resources even farther. When you take control of your inbound call center, you’re taking control of your business and your customers’ satisfaction.

Doctor Answering Service Prices

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