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Doctors answering service solutions at affordable prices. Serving medical professionals in Indianapolis, Indiana and beyond. Medical Answering Service in Indianapolis Zip Codes Served: 46227, 46226, 46237, 46203, 46254, 46224, 46220, 46219, 46260, 46222, 46235, 46201, 46241, 46217, 46218, 46229, 46236

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Answering Service For DoctorsHIPAA Compliant Answering Service
Physician Answering Services Health Care Receptionist Solutions
Dentist Answering ServiceHospital Customer Support
Pediatrician Answering ServicesAfter Hours Medical Answering Service

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Opening a new medical practice or doctors office in Indianapolis? Below are a few links which you may find useful and when the comes that you a looking for a quality virtual receptionist service we’ll be here to serve you. Medical Supplies in Indianapolis          Medical Office Space in Indianapolis For Lease

Doctors Answering Service Indianapolis, IN 46227

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3 Reasons Your Indianapolis Medical Office Needs to Hire a Medical Answering Service

virtual receptionist for doctorsHave you ever heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder”? The same applies for Doctors. Hire a, Indianapolis virtual receptionist today and you can focus your energy on the things that make an impact. Here’s why you need one. Any type of medical office is a hub of activity. Dentists, doctors, their waiting rooms are full and the phone never stops ringing. What happens when someone isn’t there to answer the phone? The medical practitioners can hardly leave their patients to go answer the phone. But, letting it go to voicemail means someone won’t get the medical attention they require. If this sounds like your office, you may want to hire a virtual assistant. This not only guarantees you will never miss a call, it frees up your reception area. Here are only three reasons you need to consider a virtual assistant.

Indianapolis Medical Answering Service Solutions:

  • 24/7 Medical Answering
  • Bilingual Receptionists
  • Free Call Patching
  • Local / Toll Free Numbers
  • Appointment Setting
  • Voicemail Services

Why Hire a Medical Answering Servie

More and more businesses from all sectors are relying on virtual receptionists for their medical offices. They are convenient and save time and money.

1. Cost

Saving money is always on the top of the list for businesses. Hiring an Indianapolis  medical answering servic will help to cut costs in several ways.


As inconvenient as it is, people need time away from work. They get sick, they have babies or elderly family to look after and they get tired. When they need a day out, you are stuck finding someone to cover for them. A smaller office may only have one person and this can cause a lot of problems. The virtual assistant might get sick as well, but that’s not going to concern you. You get the service you pay for. The company supplying the staff take care of the rest.


The staff answering the phones and booking your appointments are all professionals and highly trained. Many of them come from working in medical offices and understand the procedures and the language and terminology. They come to the service all ready to go. They likely spent years working in an office just like yours, so you can trust you are in good hands. You can still have a receptionist to greet and check in your patients, but you can find them from a staffing agency or get a friend or family member to do it for less. The office staff can also spend their time doing the other work needed taking care of without being stuck to the phone.

Indianapolis Answering Service For Doctors


Some types of Indianapolis answering services offer other types of admin work, as well. This can save time and also you don’t have to worry that one person is still having to do all the jobs. You don’t need to buy or lease any of the equipment normally used in your office, as that will all be taken care of at the serviced office. They can do all your invoicing, answer the phones and do any printing, faxing and emailing right from their own space.

2. Convenience

You can have 24-hour answering service to ensure you never miss a call. Many patients like to know they can call anytime and talk to a live person. They will get all the information needed, relay the messages to you in a manner you choose and book appointments. People don’t like to leave personal messages on voicemail and will often just hang up if no one answers. There is a great deal of relief for the patient to talk to a real person. It matters, even more, when that person understands what the patient is talking about.

Patient Care

The patients in your medical office will actually get more care and attention when you don’t have to have someone always answering the phone. They can ask questions, get checked in and get the feeling that someone actually sees them. It frees up your receptionist to handle greeting the patients and you don’t have to have your nurse or assistant take time away from their work to man the phones. This can be a real problem for you, for the nurse and the patient. In cases of emergencies, you can always be reached, so the patient doesn’t need to worry about not getting care. You can arrange to be contacted for particular cases if need be.


Having to discuss personal and private matters to a receptionist or worse, in a room full of strangers is too much for some people. This way, your patients call the service and relate their issues privately. You have all the information when the patient arrives and you can be prepared for their appointment. No need for them to have to talk about it face to face to a stranger at the desk and risk being overheard. Plus, the patients don’t know they are calling a service, so it builds trust and confidence. They are impressed when they reach a caring person who listens and understands. They naturally think it’s your office.

3. Less Stress

By delegating all your smaller and repetitive tasks to the people who can take care of it, you have far more time to do what you do best. You can focus on patient care, and that means you and your patient win. You don’t have distractions from a ringing phone, or being interrupted by the receptionist because of problems they don’t know how to handle. You know you are not going to miss any booking or disappoint any patients who couldn’t get through. There will be an immediate relief when you hire the virtual assistant. You will notice the difference right away. Your patients will notice it, as well. There is a great relief in knowing your patients can call anytime and still talk to a real person.

Indianapolis Answering Service For Doctors

Call The Doctor

Call the doctor, but not directly. You can’t run a business without a phone and you can’t run a business if you are always on the phone. Hand the duty off to the people who know how to do it. Hire a virtual assistant to take care of all your doctors answering service needs and free up your time and your office’s time. Spend more time with patients and doing what you love. If you would like a quote or have questions about service and packages available, please contact us here. Map of Service Area
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