Appointment Scheduling Answering Service For Doctors

Answering Serice Setting Appointments For DoctorsA medical office makes and receives constant phone calls. See how you can save time and make appointment setting efficient with a doctor answering service.

On average, a doctor sees about 19 patients every day.

Now, this may seem a very small number in the eyes of a regular business person, but in a profession where life and death decisions are made on a daily basis, 19 is a huge number.

If you’re a doctor with a private practice, you probably already know how overwhelming it can be to handle patient appointment scheduling. You can hire a medical office assistant to help straighten things, but they never really get as efficient as you’d like them to be.

What do you do next?

Simple! Hire a doctor answering service and you’ll never experience any appointment scheduling problems.

In this article, we’re sharing the various ways a doctor answering service could help make your practice more efficient.

An Appoint Setting Answering Service Makes a Good First Impression

First impressions matter in health care provision, too!

According to a Becker’s Hospital Review, a whopping 77 percent of patients consider first impressions when choosing a doctor or other healthcare provider.

Evidently, if your practice isn’t giving positive first impressions, you’re probably losing out on hundreds or even thousands of potential clients.

So, how do you make a good first impression?

Sure, there are a number of ways to achieve this, but using a doctor answering service is undoubtedly one of the best.

With this service, patients calling your office will be answered by professionals who will provide answers in a friendly and informative way. They won’t be put on hold or told to call again later, as is usually the case when a doctor’s office handles patient appointment scheduling in-house.

Increased Efficiency and Service Quality With a Doctor Answering Service

Calendar For Medical OfficeHealthcare is a vital service, and as a doctor, you’re at the heart of it.

Your private practice success obviously depends on the quality of healthcare services you provide.

Letting a doctor answering service schedule appointments takes away one time-consuming and detail-intensive task from your medical office, enabling you to focus on what you’re trained to do: treating patients.

With an answering service on your side, you will have a clear view of patient inflow, because answering service providers can use an online calendar to manage appointments in real time.

At the end of the day, improved service delivery and an increasing number of clients means more revenue.

Enhance Adherence to HIPPA Act

In the United States, patient’s information is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

HIPPA violation or noncompliance can lead to a fine of up to $50,000 and/or one-year imprisonment.

Yet, it’s doctors who handle patient appointment and schedule on their own who are most vulnerable to violating this law.

Once your office gets busy, it can be very easy to mix up patient documents, or a medical office without a proper grasp of the HIPPA Act can unknowingly disclose confidential patient information to unauthorized people. That’s how you land in trouble!

Outsourcing your scheduling tasks to a competent doctor answering service is the best way to ensure HIPPA compliance.

The medical service operators hired by service providers typically undergo a thorough training, so you can rest assured your patients’ information will be handled with the care and privacy it deserves.

Medical Answering Service Provides Call Recording Storage

Answering Service Recording a CallYou’re probably wondering, “why do I need to record and store client calls?”

Well, you are not alone.

The vast majority of doctors who have an in-house answering service rarely record and store calls, largely because it requires additional infrastructure.

But what if you’re faced with a lawsuit a few moths or years down the road and the evidence you need to prove you’re not on the wrong is a phone call you had with the client two years ago?

A doctor answering service typically records and store each call for a number of years. This gives you a greater sense of security, knowing you can retrieve any recordings whenever need arises.

Get Access to Analytics

If customer is king, then data is the prince!

In today’s business environment, every enterprise, including a medical office, must invest in analytics.

This way, you’ll get useful data such the number of clients calling your office every per hour, day, week or month, the number of male and female clients, the average length of incoming calls, and even the time of day when most clients place the calls.

You can analyze this data and use your findings to improve service delivery. For example, if you find out that a high number of clients are calling your office on Mondays and Tuesdays, you can install more answering machines to handle the increased call volume on these days.

Sounds interesting, right?

Sure, it is, but the only problem is implementation. Your job is to diagnose and treat disease, not to collect and analyze client data!


Outsource your patient appointment and scheduling to a doctor answering service! Your provider will collect caller data and even analyze it for you!

Health Care Answering Services Reduce Medical Office Operating Costs

Yes, you’re a doctor, but you are also the owner of a medical practice that needs to generate revenues to stay operational.

As such, one of your primary goals besides offering quality healthcare services is to reduce business costs.

Hiring a doctor answering service provider is an effective way to cut costs. You won’t, for instance, need to purchase your own answering equipment and appointment scheduling software. The need to hire and train in-house staff to answer the calls and manage appointments is also eliminated.

Finding the Best Doctor Answering Service: Don’t Get It Wrong

The competence of a doctor answering service provider will directly affect the quality of your healthcare services. Hire an incompetent one and risk making bad first impressions!

As such, it’s crucial to focus on finding the most competent and experienced service provider. Look at how long they have been in business and also read client testimonials.

At 24×7 Doctors Answering Service, we are all about providing your medical practice accessible to clients round-the-clock. We take care of all your call answering needs, so you can focus on taking care of your patients.

Get a free quote today and let’s help you improve your service delivery.

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