Into the World of Healthcare: 10 Medical Blogs Every Doctor Should Follow

Looking for good, reliable and updated insights into the world of healthcare? Here are 10 medical blog pages that 24×7 Doctors Answering Service thinks every doctor should follow.

Anyone can access medical advice today, thanks to the internet. But, is it reliable, trustworthy, and scholarly? Many doctors wish to stay well-informed on the latest updates in medicine, but the web can be a confusing avenue. And, unfortunately, it’s not always accurate.

So how do you distinguish the reputable blogs from the not-so-reputable? After all, anyone with a computer and internet access can create a blog. What sites should you be visiting for the latest medical knowledge?

We’ve done the guess-work for you! Here are ten medical blogs that will keep you informed, insightful, and may even prove to be interesting!

Medical Blogs That Doctors Should be Reading

While a medical blog can be trendy, it also needs to be researched-based, structured, and written by a qualified medical professional. A variety of topics from medical research, marketing, technology, and other elements should make a blog enjoyable and educational.

Here are ten medical blogs that are worth your time.

1. WebMD

WebMD is the cream of the crop when it comes to medical information. There’s almost nothing the WebMD has not covered — it’s packed with resources. A medical doctor writes every article that’s highly relatable to both the layman and professional and is updated frequently.

On WebMD, you’ll find blog posts on general health information, medical technology, parenting, the latest health news, and much more. The interface is easy to navigate, and you’ll find mini-bios from contributors.

WebMD Blog

2. Harvard Health

Harvard Medical School has a trustworthy reputation, and its blog is no different. Published by the Harvard Medical School by the university, this blog tackles challenging subjects penned by thousands of doctors on staff. You’ll find an array of topics ranging from a healthy living lifestyle to women’s health and mental health.

Harvard Health Blog

3. Everyday Health

Everyday Health is an interactive website filled with quizzes, tools, videos, slideshows, and more, all health-related. Also, the articles are authored by leading physicians and medical professionals (some who’ve even won awards for their work), so you know you’re getting quality and authoritative information.

Everyday Health Blog

4. Shots

Shots is NPR’s health-news blog that touches on all the news surrounding the medical industry. If you enjoy staying current on medical news, Shots is a great choice. Occasionally, they’re run personal pieces or integrate medical care with culture, which offers a unique perspective.


5. The Medical Futurist

Interested in all things related to medical technology? The Medical Futurist aims to explain and explore the newest innovations related to medical technology, both presently and futuristically. Their primary focus is on the future of healthcare technology and its impact on health.

The Medical Futurist Blog

6. FDA Law Blog

While the medical community often revolves around patient care, it’s easy to forget that there are rules and regulations involved. FDA Law Blog will keep you in-the-know on subjects like medical law, drugs, food, and how to face these subjects realistically.

FDA Law Blog

7. Specialty Blogs

A general blog for physicians is excellent to stay on top of medical information, but it isn’t always enough, primarily if you work in a specialty. For physicians with specialties like heart health, cancers, or pediatrics, some blogs address these fields and their particular needs.

Here are a few blogs that cater to doctors who practice specialty medicine:

  • American Heart Association News is a blog for a cardiologist or any other medical professional in heart-related care
  • Mental Health Today covers topics related to mental health
  • David L Katz writes about chronic illness, debunking myths and discussing prevention
  • Neurosurgery Blog serves those in the field of neurosurgery, though it addresses other subjects as well
  • Seattle Mama Doc is run and written by Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson talking about issues related to children’s health
  • Dr. Barnard’s Blog touches on the subject of nutrition, and it’s role in your health and disease prevention.
  • Geripal is a blog that engages in news relating to geriatrics.
Mental Health Today Blog

8. The JAMA Network

If you’re a research junkie (as most doctors should be!), The JAMA Network is the place to satisfy your love for research. On JAMA Network, you’ll find a collaboration of subjects related to branches and studies of medicine such as cardiology, pediatrics, oncology, and many more. This plethora of research is sourced directly from medical journals, so it’s viable.

The JAMA Network Blog

9.  NCCIH Research Blog

NCCIH stands for The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. At NCCIH, you’ll find research on alternative methods used to treat certain conditions. You can read more about the author of the paper, and even reach out to them for additional questions and concerns.

NCCIH Research Blog

10. Physician’s Weekly

Physicians Weekly is a top-rated medical blog that covers health news using text and infographics. You can even search by specialty, and the blog itself has a large social media following on both Facebook and Twitter, so you can receive news quickly and at your fingertips.

Physician's Weekly Blog

Medical Blog Reading Made Easy

Doctors are busy people. Between caring for patients, continuing education, and maintaining a work-life balance, there’s little time to devote to blog reading. But staying well-informed is crucial to your career, even if it’s merely a blog post!

One way that bloggers have made this easier is by giving you the option to subscribe to their email list and receive updates via email. This way, there’s no need to use your time visiting numerous blogs each day. Once you subscribe, you’ll receive updates in your inbox, and you can scan the content before you decide to click.

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