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What Medical Answering Service is Best for Your Practice?

As the saying goes, “First impressions are everything.”

A patient’s first impression of your medical practice should be a positive one. An answering service for doctors can help you and your medical practice. Achieve a glowing first impression with your patients and associates.

Did you know, in using a medical answering service, “Growth in customer retention rates by 5%, increases profits anywhere from 25% to 95%.”

Continue reading for more information on finding the best medical answering service for your practice. Find out how one can benefit your office.

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What Is an Answering Service for Doctors?

The Covid-19 pandemic has riffled chaos throughout the medical community. During emergencies, your office must be able to handle large call volumes.

Medical answering services can help healthcare professionals in several ways. This includes handling high call volumes, quality customer service, and meeting HIPAA standards.

A virtual receptionist can assist your office in several ways, including:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Verifying patient information
  • Triage services
  • After-hours calls
  • Payment processing

Before Making a Selection Consider These

You must know what to look for before hiring a medical answering service provider. It would be best to ask yourself a few questions before making any commitments to a specific company.

Identify your specific office needs before you begin your journey. Selecting the ideal answering service for your medical office should be a process.

“Does your medical practice experience high call volumes?” “Does your office provide after-hours triage services?” If you answered yes, a medical answering service could be a beneficial tool.


Before committing your practice, consider the availability of each answering service.

24 Hour Availability

In running a successful medical practice, the answering service of your choosing must have 24/7 availability.  The unexpected can happen with illness, injuries, and accidents. An answering service that is available 24/7 will provide your patients with peace of mind and a sense of direction if a crisis occurs.

Open availability with a premier medical answering service can provide you with peace of mind should you need to step away from the office. Your calls will be screened and coordinated appropriately regardless of the time of day or night.

Patient Protection and Privacy

Patient confidentiality is paramount in the medical field. Be sure to ask answering service candidates how they handle confidential information. Ask what procedures they follow after collecting data.

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Any medical answering service must follow HIPPA compliance. Be certain any answering service for doctors understands this. Outlining office expectations is a great way to narrow down your options.

If you are unsure of where to begin, consult with 24/7 Doctors Answering Service. You can gain access to the top providers in your area with friendly and helpful advice to guide you in your decision-making process.


In reviewing your options for medical phone service, finding one that provides flat-rate fees can be beneficial. Throughout the year, call volume can increase and decrease. Finding a provider that offers flat-rate package selections can help avoid excess fees.

Calculate Cost of Medical Answering Service

Be sure to review any contract stipulations carefully. Flat-rate medical phone services should never increase fees. Be on the lookout for any hidden fees such as termination fees, overage fees, account set up, holiday pricing, and more.

The ability to quickly compare medical answering service providers will save you time and money. You can identify what features you are looking for in answering service and make the optimal choice based on your practice needs.

Consider a Trial Period

The ability to try call answering services before you commit is something you should consider. Inquire with companies willing to offer a trial period for their patient call services.

A trial period will provide your medical office the ability to test drive virtual receptionist. This will help determine which answering services are the best fit for your practice.

The 24/7 Doctors Answering Service has lists of answering services in the medical field. You can save time and narrow down your selections before starting any trial periods.


Take the time to research call answering service providers. Not all answering service providers specialize in the medical field. Choose a provider that offers medical phone services. This will guarantee that your patients receive knowledgeable and professional service.

Best Medical Answering Service List

The experts at 24/7 Doctors Answering Service can help you access quality medical phone services and determine which service is right for your office. In working with a reputable network of suppliers, you can rest assured of the best quote from the start.

Your time away from the office is meant to be enjoyed. After countless hours of patient research and recommendations, allow the team at 24/7 Doctors Answering Service to guide you in the right direction in choosing an adequate call answering service for your medical office.

Looking for a top-rated medical answering service?

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A personal touch can go a long way in guaranteeing patient satisfaction.  Selecting a medical phone service near your office can help assist and direct patients’ questions and concerns. Patients’ will feel most at ease talking with someone who presents a sense of familiarity.

On the contrary, hiring a medical answering service located overseas in a foreign country could make it difficult for incoming callers to understand. This is particularly true if they have a thick accent. Location is important when selecting the best call answering service.

Professionals with personal insight into the location of your medical practice can be most advantageous. To make the best selection out of the many answering services available to doctors, let the 24/7 Doctors Answering Service help you narrow down your decision.

The Importance of Details

Regarding the medical community, details are crucial. A virtual receptionist handling patient services must be able to access patient data promptly and accurately.

Details are critical when dealing with medical information. Ensuring that information is accurate and that all HIPPA laws are followed is imperative. As a medical professional, you likely have a busy schedule. Scrolling the internet to research medical answering services is likely not something you wish to add to your free time.

The 24/7 Doctors Answering Service understands how valuable your free time is. These professionals can save you hours of legwork. Providing you with information to make the best decision for your medical office.

How a Medical Answering Service Can Help

An optimal medical answering service can become a valuable asset to your medical practice. The ability to effectively communicate and screen patient phone calls can save time for all parties involved.

Medical phone services can provide information and direct patient calls. These professionals can help evaluate individuals who need medical attention and direct them to the applicable departments.

In allowing your incoming office calls to be managed by the medical answering service of your choosing, your office staff will be free to handle other important tasks. This creates a more peaceful office environment allowing for full patient dedication.

Your patients will appreciate the extra attention from the office staff. Instead of trying to navigate phone calls, your office staff will be free to answer questions.


You likely are aware of the benefits and answering services doctors provides. Your patients will appreciate the ability to talk with a real person.

A call answering service can improve your quality of life. Thanks to after-hours triage services, forwarded calls to on-call staff will be reduced. Your in-office staff morale will improve with the help of virtual assistants. The medical phone service can handle diverted phone calls during office hours.

Additionally, virtual assistants can send out appointment reminders via text or phone call. They can verify, reschedule or assist with appointment cancellations. These simple yet necessary tasks can be very beneficial to patients, doctors, and in-office staff.

Medical answering services are much cheaper than hiring additional office staff. The hassle of interviewing and the extra expense is not necessary with the help of a virtual receptionist.

Help is available to ensure you find the best medical answering service. Identify what is most important to you and contact the 24/7 Doctors Answering Service. The hassle of weeding through providers doesn’t have to be your burden alone.

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