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Why Should You Hire Medical Answering Services?

As a health care provider, you want to ensure that the patients in your care always receive the best service possible. A great experience with a doctor or practice doesn’t start and end once appointments do. The entire patient experience needs to be taken into consideration.

Have you considered using medical answering services? You might be on the fence, but they’re truly one of the most comprehensive and effective ways to ensure that everyone in your care is getting the best service possible.

If you’re unsure if a doctor’s answering service is right for you, let us show you 7 of the key benefits that come with using them. After you see all of the ways the right service can help you and your patients, you’ll wonder why you haven’t made the switch sooner!

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1-Provide 24/7 Service

Whether you’re looking for a hospital answering service or help for your small practice, everyone in the medical field can benefit from having phone assistance 24/7 a day.

Medical Answering Service Operators

Being able to reach health care providers has always been important, but this is especially true during a pandemic. This goes beyond wanting to be in touch with some in the instance of an emergency. People are going to have plenty of questions and concerns about their own medical problems on top of what they’re dealing with in the pandemic.

Patients won’t just need you during business hours. Questions, appointment needs, and refill requests pop up during holidays, weekends, staff meetings, and sick days. Make sure you provide your patients with the help they need by being able to schedule appointments around the clock.

2-Improves Office Records

Mistakes and miscommunications can happen in health care, and that’s true whether you’re talking about your staff or your patients. Phone numbers may have been taken down wrong and messages get easily get mixed up.

One of the best advantages of using an answering service is the role it can play in simple and inexpensive record keeping. Answering services can easily record each call you have, so you never have to worry about missing out on something important. If you’re unsure or want to confirm something, all you have to do is check the call log!

3-Manages Reminders

Someone is due for the annual physical but they haven’t scheduled their appointment yet. Test results are in and the doctor wants to talk about the next steps. There’s a less expensive generic form of their usual medication and the doctor wants to know if they can make the switch.

answering service

When most people think about doctor-patient communication, they think about instances where patients need to reach their doctors. It’s true that you field plenty of calls from patients each day. However, we’re sure that your front office staff spends plenty of time trying to get in touch with patients.

Your office is busy enough, don’t make your staff spend their time at work playing phone tag. Get a medical answering service that can handle making those important calls for you.

4-Builds Trust and Confidence

We’re living in a time where trust between doctors and their patients is absolutely critical. Misinformation from all ends is more of a problem than ever, and health care professionals need to do what they can to ensure that the patients in their care can trust them.

Knowing that you can truly contact your doctor whenever you need can be an effective way to build trust. Reliability is important for patients, and a medical answering service can ensure that patient communications are predictable and helpful.

Automated calls about appointment reminders, refills, and other important news can also help build trust. Patients will know that you’re thinking of them even when they aren’t in the office, and that level of care can help people feel comfortable with your practice.

5-Enhances Business Reputation

When most people think about using online reviews, they think about browsing Yelp before they go to a restaurant or buy a pair of shoes. They don’t usually think about people looking for doctors, but that perception should change.

Medical answering service

Online reputation matters for every professional. Aside from reviews of your practice existing on sites like Google or Bing, there are also healthcare-specific scheduling apps like ZocDoc to think about.

Missed calls and poorly communicated information are two significant causes of bad reviews. Lessen your chance of upsetting a patient by relying on an answering service to help with patient communication. The right service can help ensure that patients get the help they need the moment they need it and help you get great reviews.

6-Work More Efficiently

How much time do you think your office staff spends on the phone with patients? Sometimes you need to speak with a person to get things done, but there’s a lot that could be handled through automation. Once you bring automation into the picture, work can change for the better.

Suddenly people have time to work on updating and digitizing patient records. They have more breathing room so they can take time to regroup and think about ways to work even more efficiently. In some cases, they may even have more time to chat with patients and build a relationship with them.

Your busy staff doesn’t need to spend their time telling people about operating hours or scheduling appointments. Imagine how much they’d be able to get done if they weren’t tied to phones during their shift!

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Medical answering services exist to make your day easier. When you think about the efficiency and accountability it can add to your medical office, using a medical office answering service makes sense.

Are you ready to start using answering services today? Do you have questions about what we offer or our medical expertise? Get a quote from us, so we can start talking about the best way to meet your medical answering needs!

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