Appointment Setting Service For Medical Offices

How a Medical Appointment Setting Answering Service Works

Modern technology is supposed to make medical offices run faster, more efficiently, and more securely, though that doesn’t always seem to work as well in practice as it does in theory. There’s one tried and true innovation that can unquestionably improve your medical office’s functioning, your staff’s morale, and your bottom line: an appointment setting service from a trusted and reliable inbound call answering provider. Keep reading to learn exactly how these services work and how they can benefit your medical business.

From Inbound Calls to In Office Visits Without a Medical Minute Wasted

Your medical and support staff is busy, and their time is valuable—and expensive. When it comes to inbound calls and making appointments for your patients, there used to be only two options: take up additional staff time for this relatively menial yet absolutely necessary task, or hire low-level support for the sole purpose of tending to this basic duty. Either way, you’re looking at an inordinate expense for an easily accomplished part of your business.

Appointment setting from a medical answering service provides another. Instead of interrupting your highly skilled staff or forcing you to hire an additional full-time person (or persons), these services give you a full team of courteous, professional, and fully trained appointment setters at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff. Calls to your office are directed to our North American inbound call center, where our agents are able to securely view your medical personnel’s availability and schedule appropriate times for patients to come in for their medical appointments.

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With your appointments being set via an outside call center, yet with instant updates to your schedule and complete reliability when it comes to the scheduling of new appointments, you’ll be getting the same high quality service you expect from your most expert staff, without the interruptions or expense. Your staff will appreciate the time this frees up for them to focus on more pressing and demanding issues while avoiding a task that does not make use of their education and training, making them happier and more productive. Pair that with reduced expenses and increased efficiency, and it’s a win-win!

HIPAA Compliant Answering / Appointment Setting Services For Your Medical Office

An appointment setting service from the right inbound call partner keeps your office’s and your patients’ privacy and confidentiality completely secure. Basic information regarding each appointment—reason for the appointment, other related and unrelated medical complaints, and even more comprehensive over-the-phone intake for new patients—can be reliably and securely captured and communicated without you or your staff lifting a finger. Your patients won’t even know they aren’t speaking to someone in your office, keeping them completely confident and satisfied with the medical care and customer service you provide.

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