The Latest in Healthcare is “Doctors Appointment by Video”. Will it Last? Study Reveals Answers in Infographic

A combination of long wait times and new age technology have spurred new ways of getting medical attention in as little as 3 minutes and a surprising number of people are taking to it, especially adults between the ages of 18-34. The findings shared in the medical infographic below explain that the positive impact is lower healthcare costs and faster diagnosis but the question remains is will patients continue to get good medical care without good old fashion in person visits. After hours customer service is important but research suggests that Americans may be willing to sacrifice a small amount of quality in exchange for expedited attention, especially for non-life threatening health concerns. Check out the information below and see and see what over 17 million people had to say about video doctor visits. We were quite surprised at the trend, but can’t argue with what was uncovered in this research.

Report on Doctor Visits By Video

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