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The Cost for a Dentist Answering Service in 2019

When researching which business service is right for you, discover what factors are taken into consideration for dentist answering service pricing in 2019.

Both large and small companies are guilty of not answering their calls. Most companies miss 22% of inbound calls.

That’s a lot of potential income businesses are losing out on. And if you’re a dentist, a patient calling you after hours often means they want to take some sort of action.

An answering service is one way to ensure no patient goes the weekend in pain. It also means you’ll never lose a potential patient to your competition.

A medical answering service for your dental practice is also affordable. You just have to know what to look for. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to find the right virtual answering service to meet your budget.

Dental Answering Service Pricing

The Cost of an Answering Service Depends on What Services You Need

Answering Service CostEvery dental office has its own set of services it needs. How much you spend largely depends on what your requirements are. Before you sign a contract, ask yourself if a specific service feature will add value to your business.

Most medical answering service companies offer a base rate of services starting at around $40-50 per month. Basic services include HIPPA compliance and bilingual agents.

Extra Services Cost More Money

However, if you want add-ons like appointment scheduling or an automated answering service, it will cost you more.

Make sure you read your contract carefully to find out what features you’re actually paying for such as answering your calls during holidays.

Select the Right Plan for Your Dental Office

Plans and PackagesMost phone answering service companies give you a few plan options to choose from. Take some time to determine how your practice operates before you select one.

You should also find out if they’ll let you switch to a new plan as your practice grows. Many plans are determined first by how many minutes per month you’ll use their services for. Most plans are between $0.75 and $1.50 per call.

Some offer a pay-as-you-go, which may work well for your practice if you don’t have many after-hours calls. However, it often becomes cheaper to buy more minutes if you have a busy practice.

You Get What You Pay For

Remember that you’re not just paying for someone to answer the phone. You’re paying for a call center that needs to remain open 24/7. Even during slow times, their office must be staffed.

Their employees must also understand HIPPA laws, have customer service training, and a basic understanding of dentistry.

Benefits of a Dental Answering Service

Outsourced Phone Answering For DentistsA dental office answering service means you have people who fully understand and adhere to HIPPA policies and procedures. You can trust they’ll properly handle your patient’s health information.

If you have an overflow of calls during working hours, you can trust someone will always pick up the phone when your in-house staff can’t. That means happy patients who know they’ll always reach a live person to speak with.

Save Time and Money

An answering service can also screen calls. Calls about scheduling appointments and asking for directions aren’t vital. This allows your in-house team to increase productivity levels.

You also don’t have to worry about someone answering the phone if an employee is on vacation or out sick. A phone answering service can help you reduce staffing costs.

Get a Quote

It’s impossible to quote the cost of an answering service accurately until you let us know exactly what your needs are. Each client is different.

We’re waiting to offer you a free quote to match your needs. Click here to get started.

Dental Answering Service Pricing

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