Doctors Answering Service Pricing

Doctors Answering Service Pricing – Your Guide To Affordability 

Doctors Answering Service Price GuideA Doctor’s answering service can be as cheap as $39 a month, but it’s important to note that there is a huge difference in a standard answering service, and a solution that is tailored to meet the medical community. When it comes to dealing with patients and their private medical information, HIPAA laws matter, and a mom and pop call center with out of the box software won’t cut it. Don’t risk it. Let us connect you with a call center that matches your health-care communication needs.

Here’s what you need to know.

Typical Pricing For a Doctors Answering Service:

  • $39 – $55/Month Base Rate (minimum)
  • $0.79 – $1.54/Call (driven by operator time used)
  • $1.07 – $1.15 per minute (Cost is reduced with larger packages)

What’s Included in the Price:

  • 100% HIPAA Compliance
  • Secure Portal Access and Real Time Message Delivery
  • 24×7 Call Answering in Secure Environment
  • Bilingual Agents
  • Call Dispatch, SMS Text Messaging,
  • Appointment Scheduling (set up fee may apply)

Your patients count on you to be available when they need you. Choosing an affordable doctor’s answering service is great for them and your business. After all, your job is the health of your patients. But customer service goes hand in hand with their treatment. Get connected with a qualified call center from our directory and save time & money.

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Some calls can’t wait. Messages need to go to the right people at the right time. When your staff isn’t near the phone, your answering service must perform.

You’re no stranger to documentation. You need an answering service that’s HIPPA compliant as well. Documenting calls for your medical office protects your practice and gives you peace of mind.

Hospitals, doctors, and healthcare facilities everywhere are using medical answering services. But there are a lot of dynamics in choosing the right one.

How Answering Services Works

hipaa-compliance logoOrganizations of all types use answering services. Manufacturers help hundreds of clients with trained call representatives. Many critical government programs provide 24-hour service as well.

In healthcare, physicians and doctors need to be available for patients. But they can’t spend all day waiting by the phone. Trained answering service representatives can provide basic help when you’re not available.

One benefit of an affordable  doctors answering service is to vet out simple problems. Some people call to ask for business hours. Other patients may call for urgent prescription information.

There are two key techniques for making this happen. Let’s consider how the benefits and costs balance out.

Automated Medical Answering Service

For as little as $80/month an automated answering service is a widely used solution. These are often cheaper but can have several disadvantages. This is especially problematic in the medical field.

For example, patients have no recourse if their need isn’t on the menu. You could find out later that your service failed a patient. This causes misunderstanding and frustration for patients.

In many call centers, automated answering services will not always be HIPPA compliant. While this may not be required, it could cause future problems. You might worry about what your answering service is doing all night.

What about patients inquiring for the first time? You may miss out on business when your solution becomes a barrier.

Live Doctor Answering Services For About $150/Month

For an average cost of about $150/month live doctors answering services come with a lot more flexibility. You can train them to screen and let through certain calls. Clear cut standards will help them determine the right choice.

Patients can encounter emergencies at any time of day. Patients might call with a simple question as well.

Live representatives balance their needs with your own need for personal time. Prices vary by call center and average time per phone call.

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5 Affordable Benefits to Look for in a Doctor Answering Service

Medical practices aren’t like typical businesses. When your staff isn’t available, a lot is at stake. You need a service that can pick up the slack.

Consider the following five benefits of a quality answering service. You may find the best services are within your means.

  1. 24/7 Answering of Medical Calls

The Benefits - ROIThis should be standard in any doctor answering service. You pay your provider to service patients when you’re not available. You will find costs and pricing range for this service.

Start your search with organizations offering 24/7 answering. Look into some low-cost solutions to see what else they offer. You will need more benefits, but this is essential.

Another staple is HIPPA compliance. Medical answering services that aren’t compliant aren’t worth your time. Invest in a solution that records and saves compliant information.

  1. Real-Time Scheduling and Phone Message Delivery

The best services are agile and engaged in your practice. They make efforts to prevent you from missing opportunities. You might be wasting your money if your messages are sitting all night.

These tools may cost a bit more to use. But the stress to your staff may make up for the expense. You’ll enjoy knowing you’re immediately connected when crises or opportunities strike.

  1. Opportunities for Business Value

Assume there is a patient looking for a new provider. She calls your office and receives an automated message. What’s her next move?

She’ll most likely hang up and call another provider. You may be missing future patients when business hours are over. But trained representatives can help you capture those opportunities.

The right service will train its reps to do this for you. They can show prospects you value their business right away. They can capture the right information so you can follow up later.

What if 20% of new patients made contact after hours? In this way, your after hours doctor answering service will pay for itself.

  1. Support for Your Care Strategies

Your care has several dimensions. Consider the new technologies that are are transforming the healthcare industry. Doctors can help patients at critical times without leaving their own homes.

Imagine dermatologists diagnosing a rash remotely. Pediatricians using technology to check an infant’s fever. These technologies already exist and will be on the market soon.

Choosing an answering service is a long-term investment. Look for an answering service that’s open to your future care goals. Representatives should be ready to facilitate your methods.

This applies even if you’re not engaging patients digitally. This should come at no extra cost as well. Be wary of costly services that offer no flexibility.

  1. Customized Medical Answering Service Pricing

Custom SolutionsDon’t pay for more than you need in a medical answering service. You may be a hospital administrator or a family doctor. The right services provide custom quotes to fit your needs.

A doctor answering service may charge a flat rate for services. They may charge by the minute or call as well. Your business type will determine the best cost structure.

Do you only receive two or three calls on a typical night? Paying per call might be the solution for you. If your calls fluctuate each night, a flat rate is ideal.

You might find services come in specialized packages as well. These cost-saving solutions include a range of discounted services for specific clients. Physicians and hospital alike can enjoy financial savings this way.

Above all, look for a service that’s willing to work with you. They should offer a quote customized to your needs. You’ll get the best price and the long-term utility, business value, and peace of mind.

Discover how affordable the right doctors answering service can be.

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