24x7 Doctors Answering Service Pricing

How Much Does a Medical Answering Service Cost?

Calculate Cost of Medical Answering ServiceAn answering service for medical practices will cost most healthcare businesses around $1.00 a call but your specific needs are what will determine the final monthly cost and this post will explain what you’ll need to plan to pay. Many suppliers today have been required to update their technology to meet the HIPAA guidelines and protect private information of patients and their medical records, and this has caused for a slight increase in price over the last year or so. Here are to two biggest factors that will determine your actual cost.

Here’s What Determines A Medical Answering Cost:

  • # Calls – More call require more agent time
  • Time/Usage – Price per call is reduced when call operator time is less
  • Appointment Setting – A small fee may apply if call center must access your web calendar
  • Holidays – An average rate of $7 is charged on most major holidays
How Many Medical Calls Will Be Answered For Your Office? We have found that one practice will only need a doctors answering service for after hours, while another may use it just for overflow calls, and yet another will use the service 24 hours a day. The amount of calls your office receive is the single largest measure for deciding what your cost will be. Most medical offices have no idea what that number really is and for this reason most quality call centers will provide a free trial before requiring any commitment. See below for price quotes and free trial opportunities.
How Long Will Each Phone Call Last? If your practice only requires that a call either be transferred to the doctor on call or that a basic message be taken the cost can be kept relatively low, however if the service will be scheduling appointments or handling triage service calls then each call will take longer to field and as such the cost will increase, perhaps to around $2.00 each, depending on just how detailed it gets.
On average a professional answering service for doctors runs about $40.00 a week, and that includes message delivery and after hours service. For an exact quote the provider must fully understand how you will use their services. We recommend comparing the prices of differing medical answering services through us or anther third party. These services are free of charge, require no obligation, and remove the stress of hunting down the suppliers that match your actual needs .

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  1. Are their any free medical answering services available for small practices that have few calls each month? My guess is no. I keep seeing free offers but in the end still have a cost tied into them. Assuming just a trial to get you hooked?

  2. We pay more than the average doctor because we don’t use non HIPAA compliant providers. This was interesting thought, perhaps we need to shop prices again. thx for article

  3. Thanks for sharing the article. Patient access services are cost effective and valuable and they are helping the people in various critical situations. Most of the medical call centers are working 24/7,and they are available at any time at your convenience.

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