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There’s one marketing tip that will blow your mind as the best practice for medical office advertising, and it’s all free. Advertising has changed dramatically over the years but the good news is doctors today can reach the right market fast and without spending anything. What? Did I just say you could do it free? You’re darn right I did. Hopefully most healthcare practices have realized that no-ones fingers are doing any walking anymore. Well they are still walking but more so on a keyboard than a phone book. Need proof? Ask yourself this question – how did find this post? My bet is you were looking for information about health care marketing ideas. Well Doctor, the good news is you hit right site and we’ll give some good advertising advice that you can use right away for awesome results and it won’t cost you a dime. And if any of this is confusing my we recommend find a quality online marketing agency for doctors to help you make these changes.

Local online search revenue is expected to reach a staggering $8 billion by 2015. What does that tell you? It tells you that people are searching online but the big surprise is you may be able to get all the business you need if you just simply follow this one marketing tip for your doctors or physician practice.

Get Your Title Tags Right: If you want organic traffic (that’s the kind that you don’t pay for) then the search engines need to know what you do so when someone is searching online for your medical practice services they will show your website to the user. If you don’t know what a “title tag” is or how to change it ask your webmaster. It only takes about 1 minute to fix this and its impacts are huge and will last forever. A title tag is the absolute most important thing to getting online searches to find for medical website. The title tag is basically the name that you give to your webpage, and whenever someone searches online you’ll see that the webpage with these right words in their title tag is what the search engines are going to show to the end user. Take a look at the example below:

Title Tag

What they won’t show are websites that don’t have these terms in their title tag, and it doesn’t matter how big or how small your healthcare practice is. Do this…. go to and then do a search for  “Los Angeles Chiropractors” and then look at the results that Google provides. You’ll see that every single page has the title tag with both words “Los Angeles” and “Chiropractor” in it. If you want to know what your current title tags says just go to your website and look at what it says in the tab (seen all the way at the top of the very page). Most doctors just have their company name, and others only say “Home Page”. If you fix this you’ll see nice results in 2-3 months (once the search engines crawl and update your site again). Now here is the secret – you MUST include you’re the type of service you offer AND your city name, and here’s why. If you only put the word “Chiropractor” in your title tag you are competing with millions of websites that use the word chiropractor and Google has to figure out which sites to put on page one. Good luck with that. However, if your page is called “Chiropractors in Los Angeles” then you’re only competing with local websites and for local patients. Now your odds just got a million times greater. So example of correct tags would be “eye doctor in Houston”, ”pediatrician in Denver”, or “dentist in Dallas”.

Below is a forecast of on line searches and why you need to make this change right away.

One last tip, all of the advertising and responses in the world won’t matter if you’re missing calls to voice mail, even if it’s after hours. Consider using an answering service for healthcare practices to make sure every caller speaks with a live human ensuring that you don’t lose that patient to another doctor’s office. Most doctors are surprised to learn that an answering  service takes calls 24x7x365 and is usually less than $5.00 a day. Good luck hiring a full time employee for that much.

Online Advertising For Doctors - Best Practices

We hope this information brings new life to your medical practice and hope you remember us when you need low cost price quotes on answering services for medical offices. Get quotes on Answering Service Solutions For Medical Offices Now.

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  1. Stepanie

    Healthcare marketing is on the rise. But then again, so is health care itself.

  2. Dr. Plemons

    Outstanding input altogether, you may gained a different target audience. Exactly what could a person recommend in regards to your services. Saved us a few bucks and I was not thinking it actually would.

  3. Barry

    In this day and age marketing a medical office requires knowledge of technology and internet. Did not expect such good articles on a doctor answering service site. Good stuff and keep them coming.

  4. Bernadine

    You are right on with the tips for title tags. Thanks. We did it for our medical office and say improvements in just 3 weeks.

  5. Burton Haynes

    How do paid solo ads work?

  6. Mrs Garcia

    You’ve made some decent points there. I checked on the internet for more info about the issue and
    found most individuals will go along with your views on this web

  7. Dr. J Martin

    Good points. Can always use marketing suggestions, especially my older generation. I miss the days a a simple yellow page ad.

  8. Dr McCook

    Huge challenges right here. What happened to good ole word of mouth? I think there is still a market for us that really offer exceptional service. Not suggesting that it is a stand alone marketing solution, but it does make a difference and help with retention.

  9. Teresia

    135 billion seems high for medical marketing on line? We have not yet given up on print advertising? Any one getting results from online marketing? I’m old school, I guess.

  10. Dr Peters

    Great marketing tips. Always appreciate advice that doesn’t cost. Thanks

  11. Kelly

    With ad groups which are more tightly focused you’ll be able to quickly spot poor
    performers and react accordingly by lowering bids, adding
    various negatives, adjusting match type or writing new ad copy.
    It is vital that you just take the time to learn the way each
    of these work, and exactly how they can be integrated for your advantage.
    Now take one of these brilliant keywords and fire up towards
    the search.

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