Advertising For Doctors in the Digital Age

If you have been in the medical profession for at least 5 years you probably recall when the yellow pages were a one stop solution to marketing. Well today print yellow pages are dead. Now more than ever Doctors must educate themselves about internet marketing. From search engine optimization to PPC there’s lots to consider. The image below explains current marketing trends and should be helpful to your healthcare practice. Whichever way you advertise make sure your phones are answered 24×7 by a live receptionist, and remember when you can’t answer we can help.

Marketing Trends for Doctors 2014

Digital advertising is here to stay. Whatever you do make sure that every patient telephone call is answered by a friendly compassionate receptionist. We can help whenever they call. 24×7, after hours, weekends, and holidays. Get free quotes on Answering Services For Doctors Offices Now.

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  1. Crystal

    That was very helpful. Thanks for this marketing news> Our practice will use it.

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