Top Medical Schools

Top Medical Colleges

Top Medical Colleges – Best Universities For Careers in Medicine If you are considering a professional career in the healthcare field you may consider these top rated medical colleges.  A doctor is someone who is trained to maintain or restore human health through the practice of medicine. Doctors can diagnose and treat all forms of human …

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Orphans Needing Medical Support

Supporting Orphans

Giving Back – Supporting Orphans Join us on October 17, 2017 to help support orphans all across the world. What are Orphans? An orphan (from the Greek: ορφανός orphanós) is a child whose parents are dead, unknown, or have permanently abandoned him or her. In common usage, only a child who has lost both parents due to death …

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Top Qualities Of An Effective Medical Receptionist

A study, published in the Journal of Medical Practice Management, suggests that 96 percent of patient complaints are the results of poor customer service whereas the remaining 4 percent is the outcome of misdiagnoses and poor quality of clinical care. This boils down to the fact that you should take proper measures to boost the level of your customer service to make it reflect the glory of your brand. With the front-desk being an important part of your customer service team, you may want to make sure that you hire a medical receptionist who has certain inherent customer-service skills.

Common Customer Complaints And How To Address Them

Common Customer Complaints And How To Address Them

When you serve your customers, you should remain prepared to accept their feedback, positive as well as negative. While positive comments keep you motivated, the negative comments may actually interfere with your focus and work schedule as you struggle to address the complaints properly and handle other tasks at the same time. Some issues emerge from the company’s fault while some problems are the results of the customers’ misunderstanding.

Delivering Superior Customer Service To Patients

Delivering Superior Customer Service To Patients

Patients are your paying customers and because they prefer you over your competitors you are able to run a successful healthcare business. Healthcare is all about ensuring the wellbeing of patients and needless to mention, patients’ wellbeing is determined not only by the quality of healthcare services, but also by the quality of your customer service. Unfortunately, many healthcare professionals consider their jobs as only “jobs” and treat their patients in an indifferent manner.

Defining The Scope Of Customer Service In The Healthcare Field

Defining The Scope Of Customer Service In The Healthcare Field

The concept of customer service in healthcare was not actually prevalent till the Affordable Healthcare Act 2013 introduced a new definition of healthcare service, requiring patients to evaluate the standard of healthcare services on the basis of parameters, such as communication with doctors and nurses about diagnosis, treatment, and medicines, and the responsiveness of the hospital staff, as part of its Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey.

Doctor phoning and using computer in medical office

The Ingredients Of Good Customer Service In The Healthcare Industry

Just like other businesses, medical care is a service that needs to be based on well-defined customer service standards. Health care is something that everyone needs and poor quality medical care or substandard customer service may not only invite ill-reputation, but may also create a ground for the ill-treated clients to file complaints with the local licensing authorities. Good medical care forms the foundation of a good medical service. No matter how good a doctor, nurse, or a technician is, the patient’s real experience will be shaped by the accuracy of medical diagnosis and the effectiveness of the course of action that the doctor suggests.

Why You May Choose Not To Answer Your Own Phones

Why Doctors May Choose Not To Answer Their Own Phones

You might have set up a professional workplace with all required resources in place and you may be having a great business strategy to accomplish your business plans, but have you decided who will receive calls on your behalf? While you may consider receiving calls directly, but think twice before you really decide to handle your own calls. Have you ever thought that when you handle your own calls, the callers may view you as “unprofessional”? When you pick up a call and greet the caller by saying, “Hi, this is James Management Consultancy, and this is James speaking”, the caller may not perceive you as someone reliable. Busy business owners do not have much time to handle phone calls by themselves and if you receive a call by yourself, you indicate that you do not have adequate work to take care of.

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