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Virtual Receptionist For Better Experiences

Medical Answering Service for Improving Patient Experience Whether they’re calling with a medical emergency or simply to schedule an appointment, few things are more frustrating for medical patients than being unable to reach their doctor’s office. Answering machines and voicemails just don’t cut it, and being put

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Negative Medical Reviews Hurting Your Image?

Online Reputation Management Solutions For Doctors So you spent years building up your medical reputation in the community and in a matter of minutes one dissatisfied patient has plastered the internet with untrue and unverified complaints about your healthcare practice. Online Reputation Management for Doctors and Physicians has now become

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Reputation Management For Medical Offices

Patients Spreading Bad Medical Service Complaints and How to Fix it If a doctor or nurse makes just one mistake it can literally spread to hundreds of local consumers within seconds of happening and it’s costing many medical professional a ton of money, even if they are

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What is The Cost of an Answering Service For Doctors?

How Much Does a Medical Answering Service Cost? An answering service for medical practices will cost most healthcare businesses around $1.00 a call but your specific needs are what will determine the final monthly cost and this post will explain what you’ll need to plan to pay.

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Healthcare Marketing in 2014 – Advertising Tips For Doctors

Medical Advertising For Doctors – Best Kept Marketing Secret There’s one marketing tip that will blow your mind as the best practice for medical office advertising, and it’s all free. Advertising has changed dramatically over the years but the good news is doctors today can reach the

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Marketing Trends For Doctors in 2014

Advertising For Doctors in the Digital Age If you have been in the medical profession for at least 5 years you probably recall when the yellow pages were a one stop solution to marketing. Well today print yellow pages are dead. Now more than ever Doctors must

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Interesting Facts About Doctors

The Mind of a Doctor Revealed Doctors are some pretty amazing and intelligent people and if you’ve ever wondered about the make up of their anatomy then you’ll love the chart below which explains how their brains think, their stress levels, genders and more. Are you a

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